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  1. Im not feeling the QOL with the new storage system, I was able to grab 2 stacks of ingots now can ony get 1, cant pick all them up with a whip sounds like a nerf
  2. I see Crystal Isle 869 in the list when i try to transfer, the server may have crashed like 75 percent of the servers this event, it takes about 8 - 10 min to restart just keep hitting refresh, but if the server is crashing like the others you may have only a few min to log in get char to transfer out to more stable server but good luck finding a stable server right now.
  3. Server crashed and rolled back to where there were no berries in maewing yet lol
  4. HELP ! Server 963 is broken and rolling backwards, i threw out a maewing was putting berries in it, 15 min later server crashed when it restarted the maewing was back in cryo pod, like i never threw it out, 15 min later server crashed now maewing is in cryo fridge like i never took it out, been almost an hour and still no berries in damn maewing
  5. 963 has been crashing every 15 min. now it shows I'm not in my own clan and i'm stuck inside my own base, put a ticket in yesterday, no answer yet.
  6. Nice to see they are fixing exploits, but I would like to read... Fixed exploit and banned 24 people
  7. Tek Sleep Pod, Craft Narcotics in chemistry bench, grind stone and wood in a grinder
  8. Ok I am nominating myself as GM on official server 963. I will handle the duping problem on the server, there are a few people that need to be Banned. I see you are busy so just give me the Ban Hammer and let me go to work, i will even work for free. New server rule 1 cloner per person. 2 cloners per tribe, so if you are cloning 99 animals, your gone sorry not sorry
  9. 3 different people have 50 cloners each cloning 150 shadowmanes everyday, I lag like hell trying to get passed these bases, time to nerf cloners to 2 per tribe
  10. Patch notes are great, like fixed an exploit note, but I would like to read.. Fixed an Exploit and Banned 14 people
  11. Put a bed on the skiff see if you can fast travel to it
  12. So does anyone know what these balloons are?
  13. Are you using ARK Server Manager ? https://arkservermanager.freeforums.net/thread/5193/downloads
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