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  1. We can’t run from drops as it leaves people under leveled but We do exactly what you said never broadcast it and we have Rex pens at two obs now but it still take like 5-10mins to get them out all lined up and then go and because they have their bases at two obs it’s impossible not to get spotted and to top it off they now have a parasur at each ob near their base that broadcasts we are there. I have heard from a few people that you will be able to run boss fights from the Transmitter soon? Although I can’t find anything confirming it anywhere.
  2. We never announce we are going they just have a base next to blue ob and green ob and unfortunately red ob is pillared to oblivion so we can’t get near it to build a Rex pen. They are doing it on purpose to grief and they hear the sound it makes on the 30second countdown and just casually jog the 10yards from their base into the circle. We have also noticed a potential bug that if you run a boss fight from a drop if you are not the required level it won’t take you, unlike if you run from an ob where any level can go and seeing as alpha rag is level 90 not many of our riders can go from that.
  3. By pushing out I mean only 10 riders can go through to the arena so by the two trolls running in it kicks two people in my tribe out and they go through in our our place. Now they don’t have any Dinos and they normally hide up in the hills and if one of our Rex’s die they run in and try and steal the bag which will include the Ascndant Saddle and in one case 200 element as the Rex that died had killed the dragon and the element was sat in it’s inventory. So we’re loosing riders which in turn is getting our dinos killed in there which is costing us boss Rex’s, Ascendant Saddles and element all to a very small low level tribe and from what iv read on the rules there’s nothing we can do about this as what they arnt technically doing anything wrong. So my question to Wildcard is what am I supposed to do to stop this? I need element for my cloning chambers and to run my generators so I have to do these fights so not running them isn’t an option.
  4. Why can players not in your tribe or alliance run into the boss fights that you have spent the time collecting everything for and push you out your own fight! How is this a thing!! We constantly being harassed by a tribe running in our fights and pushing our riders out and it appears there is nothing we can do about it =(
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