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  1. My level 5 Cherufe Chibi just reset to level 1 after the server disconnect? Please roll back I was so close to level 6.
  2. lol... I have literally lost all interest and motivation in Ark over the last few updates... Every single time something stops me from being able to play, Ceds whole "positive attitude" is literally just him brushing off everyones problems and saying they will do better or know better next time, yet nothing changes... I know we are 5 years down the track of this happening and for those 5 years I was the type of player who turned my eye to anything Wildcard done wrong because of how much I love Ark, I just said oh well it will get fixed, oh well Ark is still awesome. I'm currently the leader of my tribe on Valguero-SmallTribes, we have been playing since it opened. We have been meshed, teamed against for 9 weeks straight by more than 8 tribes and somehow pretty much beat all odds and finished wiping their entire alliance, 9 days before server transfers... The entire time I was reporting these tribes with SOLID EVIDENCE and Wildcard literally responded saying the problem will be solved thanks for the report, closed my ticket and just never done anything about it, some of my videos I uploaded didn't even get viewed...? Gee thanks for helping me out with a legitimate report Wildcard. Not to mention over the 9 weeks I had to deal with not being able to log in on Windows10 because every single update breaks Windows10, I have to wait days more than others to get the latest update, over those days I cannot play but the rest of Xbox are playing? How can I defend my base when I am literally locked out of the game because of Wildcard? Why would any game developer do that, repeatedly, and just not care that players are depriving themselves of sleep to do anything they can to protect their bases because of repeated careless mistakes Wildcard make. I feel so defeated after being online to protect my base for over 9 weeks against players that are blatantly cheating, to now have to do it again when transfers open for Valguero servers on Xbox. I'm spending time off of work, away from family, instead of sleep, on Ark to make up for the disadvantages Wildcard throw at me. There is literally nothing I can do as a player to have my voice heard, or the urgent matters fixed, which somehow come by so often. I went from loving Ark and begging for more DLC, to literally no motivation, giving up on my tribe and refunding Genesis, farewell Ark. Never respected any game studio or developers any less.
  3. That would be pretty damn cool, not a whole lot of flat areas to build on comfortably on some maps.
  4. I have a question for SmallTribes players. I know we get the permanent x3 gathering rates and x2 maturation rates and don't get bonus rates from Evolution events, but in this case if the rates peak higher than x3 would SmallTribes servers also receive the bonus?
  5. Hey thanks for the video of this, really cool to see. Very interested in Genesis.
  6. Help with Ark DLC I originally played Ark on Xbox and bought it and all of it's DLC on there. I own Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction on Xbox. I have recently started playing Ark on PC, on the Windows 10 version, for some reason I can install and play Scorched Earth and Aberration, but not Extinction on Windows 10. I'm not sure if Extinction is playable on Windows, so my question is, will Genesis be playable on Windows if I buy the season pass on Xbox?
  7. Thanks for informing me of that because I would be contributing to that problem. I will wait patiently, I know it's a game but I do spend a lot of my time online and it is exhausting me trying to defend for so long because of people breaking the code of conduct. Thank you for some reassurance, anything would give me some hope right now...
  8. Quality Of Life Suggestions Hello I have a few suggestions I think could be really handy. [Fuel Slot] - If something takes fuel to run, there should be a separate item slot for it's type of fuel, so that transferring all items will not remove the item in the fuel slot. (Example) - A fabricator has a spare slot you can add gasoline in to and when a player transfers all from the fabricators inventory, it will not remove the gasoline. [Ammo] - If your weapon is loaded with a type of ammunition, that ammunition type will not transfer all. (Example) - My crossbow has Tranq Arrows inserted, so when I transfer my entire inventory to something else, tranq arrows will not transfer. [Tame Journal] - An option to log your tames stats after it has been tamed and a tab in your inventory for accessing that tame information. (Example) - Hold "E" and select "Options" on your tame, inside it will say "Save Tame Information". Selecting this saves your tames stats and info into the Tame Journal. [Tribe List] - Some type of inventory tab where players can have lists they can edit. (Example) - A list for priorities or notes, to keep all members on the same page. [Take All Of] - An inventory setting to take all of a specific item. (Example) - Inside an inventory select a resource, for example Hide, in the following drop down menu there is an option to "Take all Hide".
  9. Wildcard Support unresponsive.. So my tribe has been under attack for a very long time on the new Valguero-SmallTribe servers, we have been under attack by at least 7 different tribes that are involved in an alliance together and teaming which is against the code of conduct for SmallTribe servers. There are only 2-3 tribes left in their alliance, but they are continuously adding new tribes and supplying them with everything to quickly build and help them raid us. We have been defending for weeks and doing everything to be online as much as possible to avoid being offline raided, we have been compiling evidence of it all because they are getting away with teaming for such a long time and I have submitted a ticket. How long will it take for my ticket to be answered and they are forced to stop teaming, they are entirely aware it's against the code of conduct and they just don't care, if Wildcard don't respond soon my tribe will be raided offline because we can't keep this up for much longer and to lose our ability to play Ark because of teaming and no help from Wildcard support would be so unfair and quite literally depressing... My first ticket was submitted 19 days ago and my second ticket with a lot more evidence was submitted 2 days ago. Just wondering if anything can be done to have my ticket looked at or if this is normal to wait and defend my base against people violating the code of conduct for 19 days.
  10. What a map that becomes Official should include. I hope this post is in the right section of the forums. I just want to share my opinion on what should be included in a map that makes it to Official, for map creators to know what players from Official Servers enjoy utilizing. Players need areas to build, that are defend-able and flat enough to even build, tribes don't like to build on low and/or uneven ground in the open. Over the many Ark maps on Official we have come to see different ways around this, and Valguero has introduced a new method; building at the map border on high ground, this was never possible due to the Arks being surrounded in Ocean, Desert and low ground. Tribes search for places to build with "no land access" meaning the area isn't accessible by land dino's and prevents tribes from attacking you with dinos like Bronto's and Paracer's. Ark is way too easy to be raided and so tribes are desperate for these areas. Here's a list of ways to provide players defend-able base locations: [Map Border] - Land reaches to the edges of the map border rather than ocean, with high build-able areas. (without land access) Think Valgueros map border and high build-able areas. [Plateau] - Land high off the ground, high enough a Bronto is not able to reach turret range with its neck and head. (without land access) These are the most desired base locations, think of Ragnaroks Plateaus. [Caves] - Caves with small entrances, that any large or tank dino cannot fit through, but has a large enough area inside to build, breed and fit an entire base. These are the most defend-able base locations, think of Valgueros Caves. When Valguero combined great build-able caves and high plateaus at the map border, tribes built in those locations instantly, allowing more than just one or two tribes a safe base location and meant more tribes can survive on each server.
  11. Unfortunately I can't agree with these settings. - 5 Max Players Per Tribe We literally already have that on SmallTribes, how can the developers promote new 5 player tribe servers? That's no different and isn't applicable to the majority of players. - Everythings x2/x4 5 Players with x4 rates, against 2 Players with x4 rates, is an extremely large discrepancy that is only catering to the largest tribes. Even if it was 3 or 4 player tribes x3 and x4 consistently is way too much... Way too much. Like wow... - Nerf extinction or delete Tek There are "NoTek" servers that you can play if this is what you want, these are not popular because the majority of players enjoy Tek and that is a lot of content to experience. - 3x/4x Offline Turret Damage Why skip x2, I understand why offline turret damage could be good, but you completely skipped x2 and went to x3/x4 like earlier, which is unbalanced. You're promoting really unbalanced things and inputting your wrong opinion where someone else has given their opinion that has been asked for. Toxic behaviour.
  12. I didn't state at all that this was for Solo Tribes & Players. I didn't state at all these rates and specifications had to stay exactly how I have suggested, I actually stated they should be subject to change.. Not everyone is interested in just Solo and there are more modes than just Solo for people to play and when any game mode is made as Solo I am certain they would tweak settings to make it work for Solo, you can relax. Specific raids would be perfect for all of the players who can't dedicate as much time as you or people with less responsibilities, like jobs, children, schools etc. There doesn't have to be a single specific raid time, there could be multiple, they could be random, like I said all of these things should be subject to change. Stronger turret damage opposed to the current state of SmallTribes in which a single tribe is able to wipe an entire map? Yeah you are entirely wrong once again. The developers are trying to cater to the entire community and especially those that can't currently play how they like, which isn't the case for Solo players, there are solo servers. You should really stop denying other peoples ideas when you don't have a legitimate reason to do so. There's nothing you said that is actually true. You're all over this thread spreading lies and giving the developers the wrong ideas. Please learn more English so I can understand and continue to converse with you.
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