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  1. can you please disable windows10 players from playing xbox small tribes. windows10 players all use hacks, aimbot, these servers are unplayable unless you remove windows10 players. me and my tribe just want to play without aimbotters and so does everyone else can you please make the game playable. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  2. My level 5 Cherufe Chibi just reset to level 1 after the server disconnect? Please roll back I was so close to level 6.
  3. lol... I have literally lost all interest and motivation in Ark over the last few updates... Every single time something stops me from being able to play, Ceds whole "positive attitude" is literally just him brushing off everyones problems and saying they will do better or know better next time, yet nothing changes... I know we are 5 years down the track of this happening and for those 5 years I was the type of player who turned my eye to anything Wildcard done wrong because of how much I love Ark, I just said oh well it will get fixed, oh well Ark is still awesome. I'm currently the l
  4. That would be pretty damn cool, not a whole lot of flat areas to build on comfortably on some maps.
  5. I have a question for SmallTribes players. I know we get the permanent x3 gathering rates and x2 maturation rates and don't get bonus rates from Evolution events, but in this case if the rates peak higher than x3 would SmallTribes servers also receive the bonus?
  6. Hey thanks for the video of this, really cool to see. Very interested in Genesis. ?
  7. Unfortunately I can't agree with these settings. - 5 Max Players Per Tribe We literally already have that on SmallTribes, how can the developers promote new 5 player tribe servers? That's no different and isn't applicable to the majority of players. - Everythings x2/x4 5 Players with x4 rates, against 2 Players with x4 rates, is an extremely large discrepancy that is only catering to the largest tribes. Even if it was 3 or 4 player tribes x3 and x4 consistently is way too much... Way too much. Like wow... - Nerf extinction or delete Tek There are "NoTek" servers that you can pla
  8. I didn't state at all that this was for Solo Tribes & Players. I didn't state at all these rates and specifications had to stay exactly how I have suggested, I actually stated they should be subject to change.. Not everyone is interested in just Solo and there are more modes than just Solo for people to play and when any game mode is made as Solo I am certain they would tweak settings to make it work for Solo, you can relax. Specific raids would be perfect for all of the players who can't dedicate as much time as you or people with less responsibilities, like jobs, children, schools e
  9. Honestly Ced the main problem with Official, further than meshing, is that it's too difficult to play unless you are apart of a large group. I think there are loads of players that just want to play Ark, but on Official servers so the progress they make is reputable, on PvE and PvP. SmallTribes was a good attempt and it was so much better than playing against Mega Tribes. Initially the servers were really successful because people do want to play without Mega Tribes. That said, there were still 6 man tribes that are very good in PvP and 6 man tribes that "teamed up" and with just 2-4 play
  10. Definitely worth a try, I see so many players asking for a tribe to join because they're solo, or so many struggling solo and duo players, me being one of them.
  11. On the server I played, there was 3 tribes teaming, obviously before they joined they knew each other and planned an alliance. So this is 3 tribes with 6 players each, each using another exploit with which when some players aren't online, they kick them and put them in a metal box at their base and invite more players, so they each always have 6 players online and extra players than the other tribes, they all went around the map attacking every tribe they could and raiding them before anyone had turrets to defend, C4 comes easier and earlier than turrets. Players always seem to find a way to r
  12. Limited These servers are to enhance PvP and make it easier to maintain a base with smaller tribes. Settings: Tribe Limit: 4-6 Players - This means enough players to maintain and upkeep a large base & dino count, without giving 1 tribe too much control of a server. - This means tribes will have less players to mount dino's and less bulk dino's making it harder to overwhelm your enemy. (My reason for 6 players instead of 4 is to allow groups of friends that are slightly larger to fit into 1 tribe.) Alliance Limit: 1 Alliance - This means you can have 4-6 teammates f
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