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  1. How to get to the TOKYO SKIFF race area Probably been asked couldn't find a topic on it. As to the question, we don't have spiders etc and none of the teleportation spots on Lunar take you there. I have died and randomly spawned there. There must be a path method to get to it just can't seam to find it. I'm on XBOX
  2. Looks like they are down again. Well you can see them but nobody can join. Wonder if these issues are related to the update? Thought I should add my OC servers are Xbox
  3. AarkBrown

    Tek Bridge

    Tek Bridge Just curious if this has happened to anyone one else. We live in the snow Biome and recently place two Tek bridges down. Upon loading in the next day (Less than 24 hrs) they had auto-decayed. Would this be an expected outcome making the Tek Bridges useless.
  4. If we are fortunate and the gaming gods are on our side based on the significant issues with the last event then it will be around 2025 sometime.
  5. AarkBrown


    Use the King Titan arena its out in the open and reasonably safe if you use flyers to haul the mats.
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