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  1. I hate to complain and cause a fuss but, UGGGGGGGGG!! That scorpion woman dossier is absolutely disgusting!
  2. Dry grasslands and sandy ecosystems?
  3. This is so cool! I am noticing a pattern. If I remember correctly these are highly requested creatures. Therefor I am willing to think that the dossiers are starting to wind down for launch. MIASAUR MIASAUR!
  5. Let the Homestarrunner references and bad puns flow forth!
  6. I say divide the bigger posts into smaller posts. It takes a (relatively) long time to load the pages.
  7. "... and will soon make their debut along with the first Tek Tier items (Power Armor). "
  8. Maybe those eggs belong to JOHN CENA! Dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun!
  9. Dundun dun dundundundunddduuuundundundnudnun! I hope for the best! Though I sadly feel that there will not be any real surprises here. I hope they add more underwater bubles without us knowing it.
  10. lol I don't think I've waited this long to have question answered in a long time. I think it's a good thing though that we've gone roughly a month without a digest. It means that they are royally working their tales off.
  11. Imagine the fish you could catch with that as bait!
  12. I was just thinking today that the game lacks a worm...
  13. Tame a bunch of scorpions wtih rotten meat and you should be good if you have the other ingreds.
  14. This seems like a pretty solid decision, and from the streams I have watched I think SoTF is a very exciting game mode. I am eager for this to come out on Xbox, but the decision to watch and wait sounds pretty good to me. (Just please don't make console SoTF vaperware.) P.S.(You don't need an excuse to not be a free to play game, because there is little excuse for micro transactions.)
  15. "Just a general reminder that they should remain safe for work, think of the children!" I feel like the amount of offensively disturbing innuendo in "ARK GOT ME A GIRLFRIEND" disqualifies it. Not to say the ending is not funny, or that they did not put a lot of hard work into it.
  16. Almost could? RIP? It is fabulous, sure I wish for a sequal, but I think it is a classic.
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