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  1. I hope it hat least has a kick attack like a real horse. Because real horses are genuinely dangerous. So don't underestimate them.
  2. Where is the sale that is supposed to last from Dec 29 2016-Jan 9 2016 for Scorched Earth on Xbox?
  3. I'm glad Primitive + exists, it will just take a while before it's fully realized.
  4. Ummm @Jat, Scorched earth is not displaying as being on any sale for Xbox. Also your picture has goofy dates, Dec 16-Jan16 ????????? You need to fix the sale for Scorched Earth.
  5. Jesus would be really hardcore at managing the sheep in your tribe.
  6. They should have saved this updated for the lambing season in March, kinda like how they should celebrate Christmas in March for the same reason.
  7. Oi! I can roleplay as David Tennant now and eat my haggis!
  8. Those diplocalus skins should be the defaults!
  9. I wonder who's getting the wolf skin.......NINTENDO RELEASE CONFIRMED! lol lol just kidding guys!
  10. I guess PC can't complain too much since they can just mod whatever armor skin they want.
  11. Yall really should have had like a Kratos armor skin for the PS exclusive, not take stuff your PC and Xbox customers have been expecting and felt entitled to for months and give that to them. You should have gone the Shovel Knight route. Maybe it's not too late? A skin for Sly's sickle maybe?
  12. @JenI am confused. You said it will be a "permanent" change, then you said "...keep in mind these changes may not be final. " Which is it? I assume the latter. Bare in mind that I have faith that you guys will make the game the best it can be, and make decisions that allow the most fun for everyone.
  13. My thought is that you should have only a certain set of servers that have the free transfer access. Also you might want to limit the amount of invading alliances that can enter the ark, and boost the cooldown for transfer, after a transfer to an entire 2 weeks. This would be to discourage super clans from destroying servers, then doing the same things in 12 hrs. If they have to sit around for 2 weeks on a dead server that they killed, they will get bored with this unsportsmanlike practice real quick (and hamstrung if they have to divide their forces). I have seen in a game called Warcommander an instance of what everyone is talking about: a massive collation of players from another country invading a server and taking it over. How they are able to gather as many of their random countryman (in this case Italians) together as they are for raiding some random foriegn server I HAVE NO IDEA. But its something guilds from many countries do for some reason. Long story short. I feel like such crazy massive mega raids can be fun, but it should not be allowed on absolutely all servers within a particular game mode. Otherwise you are handing the PVP (and for all I know quite possibly the PVE) of the game over to the elite super awesome alpha tribal alliances of cheekiness. If you allow it on a special set of PVP servers than it could be an awesome gamemode in its own right. You could even have home arks that only people within an alliance can be in (basically PVE), that are a base for raids into the PVP servers. So these Arks would act as capitals that either can never be raided, or only raided when certain other arks had been captured. Basically a "Risk" mode in Ark.
  14. Looking good, but I still want an LMG and event where all beacon drops are guns and ammunition. 4th of July?
  15. Wouldn't true Egyptian art have both eyes on the same side of the face (not sure)? You got the hands right by having them identical.
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