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  1. 18 hours ago, Lewimaron said:

    I fixed it, running as administrator helped. but I'm running windows 10 64bit with ark in orderless windowed mode, and I haven't reset options.

    So i ended up fixing my issue as well with running as Admin.. It never acured to me since i had UAC off to run it with higher elevations... I'll update to the next release to tryout the new system you put in... Thanks Sparcmx.

  2. 1 hour ago, sparcmx said:

    Just out of curiosity, are you double clicking the mouse button on the entity list?  I recently changed this to avoid accidentally clicking an unwanted item.

    Windows UAC has been known to block Sendkeys as well as some 3rd party applications, try disabling UAC and see if it works.
    I'm testing a new method of sending commands that doesn't involve SendKeys or .NET dependencies.

    Yes i am double clicking either left for single or right for stacked. The command pops up in the Commander program, but doesnt transfer over to ark.

    I am on windows 10 btw, fully updated. UAC is also disabled and has been from day 1 of windows 7. (Hate UAC)

    Im going to try uninstalling and trying out the portable version you linked above.. I'll let you know if that works or not. Thanks for getting back to me.

  3. Hey Sparcmx, Im not sure who else may have the issue, but when I open ark and your program, the only way i can use it is via clipboard.. When I first installed the latest update it worked flawless, i could hit the ~ and bring up the console, click on what i wanted in the commander and it would transfer it no problem. Now that doesnt work.. Any idea's or thoughts?

    Great program though.

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