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  1. Hold up everyone. You'll have to fix what dinos drop what in the "main game with only primitive plus engrams on". I'm all for it but I see issues with it. I'm for seeing a passionate community modder being brought in to fix and expand on what is the best game mode despite the short comings and bugs. Like others have posted primitive "tek teir" for the boss fights. Idea would be you get new steel teir engrams that are double the hp to brick. Bosses drop ember to craft it. A "Heavy X Seed"that you can craft and a low rate of fire Bola plant. Also to add and fix what's missing/bugged. Add Brick: Doors, Window, Hatch Frame, Hatch door, Giant Hatch/Gate, Behemoth Gate/Frame, Home Stead<- Also lumber. Fix Brick: Dino Gate/Frame, Sloped Roof, Ramp. Prim is life.
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