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  1. Meanwhile server 1O2 enters its FOURTH DAY of DDOS...
  2. Official server 1O2 on playstation 4 is under DDOS AGAIN and is in its 4Oth hour, and is far from the only server under current or frequent attack. But yay for another evolution event, I guess this'll last even longer now considering that DDOSers love 2x events! Why fix something that you're well aware of and have made zero effort to change when you can ignore it by rolling out another evolution for those unaffected YAY! Seriously, two days, and not for the first time nor is it the only server, but it is the only OC SE server because 9O has been broken since ever. When was the last time that server was even functional?
  3. Twitchy2

    Downed server/possible DDOS report

    Thank you, though I doubt this will make a difference. The server came back online briefly today, now it's down again with more talk of DDOS in global chat.
  4. Twitchy2

    Downed server/possible DDOS report

    It's now been over 24 hours, and this has been here for 13. Is this really the standard you want to set? Two broken servers, both OC Scorched Earth, the only ones for that matter, and not so much as acknowledgement of the issue.
  5. OC-PVP-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth102 has been unaccessible for the last 12 hours. Several players have threatened or mentioned DDOS attacks in the global chat over the last few days, with the server being unaccessible for about an hour a few days ago. Unfortunately I did not take note of their IDs. Any attempt to join the server yields the message "Joining failed connection timeout" which is what happens upon attempting to join OC-PVP-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth90, the only other OC Scorched Earth server, and that server has never even been joinable for as long as I’ve been playing. These are the only servers to display zero players, and again the only OC servers for this map. I have a lot of progress on this map and love this game, but if I lose my dinos and my character I will not play it again. Please fix this issue before all of my tames die.