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  1. Thanks for that, Chris. It means a lot. He was an awesome person to Survive with on Ark. He was legitimately one of the best players I ever had the honor of playing with. He's going to be missed. He's gone way too soon.
  2. Definitely, I have an Aorus RTX 2060 Xtreme and my game crashes constantly, sometimes just straight closes but mostly I get a D3D lost error. I just got the card about a week ago to start playing Ark again after 8 months away. It's frustrating because I can hardly play.
  3. I love the grind of Official so to me that's best. Although, I guess I can see the allure of boosting breeding rates because that can be a pain on official!
  4. Yeah, we have 14 troughs in one spot on the lowest setting and could put more too if we wanted. Pretty much any gen we have near dinos gets a couple troughs too. They are a godsend. Makes keeping gigas fed easy after 10%
  5. I have to say, adding rideable moschops was a great idea! After, I 1st saw you could become one when TLC 2 was released, I hopped it meant you were at least considering rideable. Thanks!
  6. Wow, it doesn't take much to get banned now with these new code of conduct rules. There's a lot more important things you could be focusing on.
  7. This will be pretty neat to check out. Although, I really don't need to add to my ARK addiction lol. Would be cool if it was crossplay. Imprints from anywhere would be awesome lol.
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