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  1. OurGrid

    Our Grid ARK Server Community

    Images from the Our Grid unofficial server!
  2. Cool - my buddy has been climbing the walls waiting for it on PS4!
  3. Might want to try emailing direct or at least PM-ing Nubsly man. Chances of them seeing this may be slim otherwise.
  4. So much talent! After all this work, we need that lounger! How can you not laugh at Y. M.C.Ape hahaha!
  5. OurGrid


    That's a great shot!
  6. Thank you! Indeed we like a little color... not too much.
  7. OurGrid

    Central Command

    It has been done! I will get some of the upper floors soon.
  8. OurGrid

    Poop Plush

    Wow hilarious as it sounds, can I buy this in the ARK store? My wife would love it!
  9. OurGrid

    Winter Village

    This is exceptional - not only a good build but you captured it well, which I find to be much harder. (where is the thumbs up icon?)
  10. OurGrid

    Central Command

    Appreciate that very much!
  11. OurGrid

    The "Bubba" Mobile

    At night it looks like something out of Star Wars when all four plant turrets go to work - "Imparacer Walker" maybe?
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