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  1. yea but you will be repairing that saddle every 2 mins.
  2. yea can confirm it is also on 96 100 390 699 servers. 487 is OC and still allowing transfers.
  3. as someone who regularly sells this alpha fight i can say i have never seen dinotars spawn below the map on official. i have had other glitches such as unmounted theri no tele out at end of mission. your biggest issue will be being kicked on server save. i would suggest taking theri instead of rexes with cakes though mate, they take giga bleeds like a champ.
  4. gen 699 centre 100 rag96 all OC having same issue.
  5. kind of like it, i hate when a movie trailer gives away all the best parts of a movie.
  6. yep this is just bullpoop. today the post in patch notes "fixed an exploit" with absolutelt no context as to what we no longer need to be worried about.
  7. server saves cause lag and it would be nice to be able to see it anywhere anytime. no more starting a race mission a minute before save or trying to execute a tricky jump at the wrong time. i understand lag does not only happen at server saves but the server save is a constant and can be anticipated.
  8. Seruum

    ARK 2!!

    over 6k hours played and I maybe spent $60 aud for all season passes and base game total. so im happy with my investment, most $100 games won't last you 100+ hours. am i going to miss having all the dinos and things i have worked so hard for? yes. Am i going to love starting over with everyone like every new DLC released? of coarse. starting over is always the best time to play. it becomes more skill based than equipment/dino based. you can set your tribe apart from all the others and forge new friendships, trade partners and alliances. you can also invite people to your tribe without fear you
  9. great idea tbh. i thought having a drop all except what you searched but this is a much better idea.
  10. not trying to dumb it down mate. look i do understand different biomes and levels of difficulty and all i get it. it's more that visually these places look like an excellent place to set up a base. if they looked like a different model of metal node this would not be an issue at all example like redwood trees giving much more wood than normal trees they are visually much larger bloody trees. the point of this is if they look visually the exact same why would the resources amount be different.
  11. yea 20 minute 50k vein will net around 500 element. this is a small change in comparison to element rates on other servers.
  12. using tek tier items to unload a forge efficiently seems unnecessary. throwing items on the ground to efficiently move them seems like a crappy model. NOTHING farms ingots mate but their are ravagers, magmas and argies that all get a weight reduction. do you really think your method is the best way a game could have to move metal (one of the most used resources) around? you saying you should NEED tek pants and a whip? it just seems like a crappy way to do things. i mean they could have a pinwheel option to move items to a tame or dedi box within 5 tiles or something like that but the current
  13. yes but owls are far more efficient with food. to heal is why i want to bring them which is why i wrote this thread. it's utility like bringing argies over to carry things if your solo farming.
  14. if not, why not just make less nodes? or make them normal metal nodes.
  15. you have my vote, while we are at it can we get rid of people being able to end your purple drops and claim your damn loot.
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