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  1. ok so they removed netting creatures in the hunt mission including the tranq hunts. im on pve so no picking dinos up and the megalos have absurd amounts of hp (600 melee R-gigas take over 20 hits to kill one) we cannot stop these things from killing the bulbdogs before we can tranq them all and it only gets worse the less bulbdogs you have. you can't tranq the megalos either so how are we sposed to get this mission done? i know pvp players can likely just pick them up and take them to safety but im at a complete loss as to how we can disable these op beasts. the other 2 missions we done np but
  2. are hex on gen1 going to stay at what there are? would like to see them return to normal once gen2 servers open for transfers to encourage people to do the missions.
  3. with over 1000 servers would be hard to have that many active GM's monitoring them all
  4. are you an xboxer? i understand people can glitch into bases but if everything is locked what they gonna do? never heard of people destroying things inside bases other than the old corrupted dinos. even though it's pve most people have defences up.
  5. it's pve what they going to do other than stare at your stuff?
  6. i would like to propose that people can use official pve server saves for their nitrado and other personally owned servers. obviously for pvp this would cause a wide range of unfair advantages but for pve this would have huge advantages. 1. With duping and RMT being rampant on pve servers this would allow players to do their own investigations and report findings to GM's with information otherwise unobtainable on official servers. 2. would help to identify if explorer notes or other things are being blocked by tribes. 3. would be great to have so people don't lose all there hard wo
  7. will there be an evo event this weekend?? we normally don't get one when a dlc drops for atleast a month or so. can we have a last hoora
  8. personally i would love to see some 2x trophies events to get items for boss fights.
  9. yea i have wanted this for a long time. just need moonpools to hold water instead of keep it out. would make cloning water dinos on extinction infinitely easier.
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