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  1. day starts off alright but by about midday the spawns suddenly stop. I have made a bug report about both 1218 and 1219 but who else is experiencing this.
  2. you get a tribemate to sit on the dino you want to level and while you shoot babies in PVE. all shared xp goes to the dino they are sitting on.
  3. are hex on gen1 going to stay at what there are? would like to see them return to normal once gen2 servers open for transfers to encourage people to do the missions.
  4. will there be an evo event this weekend?? we normally don't get one when a dlc drops for atleast a month or so. can we have a last hoora
  5. kind of like it, i hate when a movie trailer gives away all the best parts of a movie.
  6. Aberrati simply add leashed anky can only auto harvest berries. also the can keep the 40% limit on weight but it should be 40% of the carrying dinos weight capacity.
  7. Obsidian and crystal stacks buffed too please would love tripled but double atleast. Mining drill needs the same weight reduction on ingots so we can empty our forges into a magma more efficiently. Please also reduce weight of crystal and obsidian on anky since magmas have made the obsolete for anything other than element. Element veins on extinction should be made to be the central node only like osd. Veins are more tedious and frustrating than they need to be. Wyvern milk and nameless venom in hex shop or having them and ambergris all available on any one server would be great. People try not to transfer too much and having these foods in one spot would help alot. Hypo and hyper on tek gear should be adjusted they are presented as suits that can withstand the extreme temperatures or space travel yet these stats do not match. Weight reductions would make quetzals a far more enticing tame to get more mutations lines on. King of swing and ice fishing quests need a slight adjustment (slightly more time and more fish respectively) Making lava damage similar to genesis part one's dmg would make dungeons far more lag friendly. As another post stated turning boss summons at transmitters on would be great. Transferable skiffs would be awesome. Enable dust to be able to be made in a replicator would be a godsend. Reducing element loss from 80% to 50% would also be nice. Please make taming multipliers apply to ferox. Please double/triple smelting timers for industrial forges (you can farm much faster than you can smelt) Keeping imprint multiplication for an extended 8 hours after breeding events would save alot of drama. Release the tek buggy and tek wyvern saddles already, been in the dev kit for years. Harpoon guns need a rework people still use xbows because it just isn't efficient to use harpoons (same could be said for composite bows) Please for the love of god match up gps and map markers coordinates. Corrupted creature should be instantly killed upon entering biomes on pve. Unlocking any locked container should NEVER be bound to the same key as opening said container. Love the work you guys do and have done. These are just some thing i think would help the game.
  8. Yea gigas are the strongest creature in the game but 12 days is abit much for us working blokes.
  9. you don't have to claim the drops you can still leave them open
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