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  1. don't really want to equip 300 chibis to find the rare coloured ones and it would make it alot easier to quickly look for your favorites
  2. don't think anyone wants that kind of lag. imagine 5 tribes with 3 titans each it would be laggy as all hell.
  3. think they just need active admins to despawn pillar spams. your asking is to wipe 6 years of progression away and that is a horrible idea.
  4. would be nice to see an increase in trophy collection on evo events to encourage more boss fights. this would make it easier to get element without taking away the boss fight experience and may also reduce the use of genesis/extinction servers and the use of hideous looking gacha towers everywhere.
  5. i would be happy to be able to make dust in a replicator instead of only at a city terminal and transfer the dust. also abs needs an element boost since most other server bosses got 100% ele increase and abs is still stuck at 3 per craft, would be better at 6 even if costs are also doubled. another suggestion to the element troubles on boss element servers would be double/triple trophy weekends since that is the most painstaking part of boss fights and would help their be alot more boss fights going on for our newer players.
  6. Seruum


    i like the idea of oviraptors collecting so it gives an incentive to breed atleast the weight stat into them.
  7. current megatherium melee is sitting at about 1109% so i think they are getting bred. well actually i know they are on pve atleast.
  8. half walls or the ability to snap a ceiling onto a railing
  9. island servers are needlessly overpopulated due to the fact that they are the only places to unlock the S+ structures. Being able to unlock these structures on other maps by defeating the island variants would relieve this and give new players who just bought the base game more space to build and likely encourage the to delve deeper into other ark maps. It's also just plain annoying to have to go to island to get all your engrams unlocked.
  10. leech blood can be used as bait or to make antidote potions but since it is blood why not make it the same as blood packs for bloodstalkers? it's not a super common resource and would give a nice alternative to mindlessly draining your blood for hours.
  11. would like to see some suggestions to disease mechanics before i vote on this.
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