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  1. imperator1822

    pve Alpha Broodmother

    thanks for infos guys
  2. imperator1822

    pve Alpha Broodmother

    what Rex stats do i need to do alpha broodmother on official server solo ? 90 armor saddles enough? thanks
  3. it says new extinction DLC will came out november 6, 2018
  4. imperator1822

    Ankylo Farming Question

    30% dmg bonus will work until you reach around 400-500melee if you put more points into it its a waste you dont get that much more you better put it into weight to gather more , i use ankys that are 400 melee and i leveled one all melee to 700 to try and there was almost no difference ,
  5. imperator1822

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I've farmed alot of pearls and oils since its x3 this weekend until i get kicked out for server lag
  6. imperator1822

    Breeding/imprinting singleplayer

    Yes you do, your breeders doesnt required to be imprinted, you should breed until you get twins or triplets all with same stats (easier mutation tracking) Once you get your twins or triplets you start breeding from them and when your stats are good to you then imprint rexes u gonna use for bossing
  7. ive been on forums for like 2-3 weeks and still cant trade dinos with ppl of other servers...it says i need to be active t become member but what it means , ive sent post reply to some what else i need to do ? still early birds ... im not a scammer or anything ive got 2,5k hours of gameplay....? ty
  8. imperator1822

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    can we use tek rexes in boss fights?
  9. imperator1822


    Raptor should get the alpha ability (red smoke around it) when in group like ravagers and allosaurs
  10. imperator1822

    Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

  11. imperator1822

    favorite dino

    Megatherium, they can get as strong as rex and they get a buff
  12. imperator1822

    Killing Titan's

    you should not attempt to bite a titan until you got a giga 100% imprinted to you for the 30% melee and resistance bonus