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  1. hay i will be kinda new to the game i watch alot of people playing it tho

    i want to join if there is a space for 2 i will be bringing some one with me  

    and i count as a noob XD but i play alot of video games so i should be learning fast

    if ur answer is ok just send me the server name and my friend is good at building 

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    2. nicklovin07


      Hey man sorry my tribe got wiped.

    3. nicklovin07


      Hey man the tribe we were in got raided. We joined up with a mega tribe and I’m not really liking it. I am looking into starting up a dedicated server. One I will be renting. I’m just trying to get more info on it before I get too crazy. If you and your sister would like to join that server if or when I get up would you like to join? You will see that if you join an official server it will be very, very hard to survive.

    4. moonkeeper


      lol i made a tripe the server is good if u want to join this tribe the server have noe big alphe tripe and also alot of friendly people 

      the only prop is taming take long but other than that geting raided dont hapen alot 

      like maybe once a week the tribe i am in is also not so ahead so if u want to join

      it is cool


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