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  1. interested in joining your tribe 

    1. nicklovin07


      Well we actually started renting a new server. We have tribes capped at 10 members. Our tribe is capped. However you can join the server and invite whoever you want. We are running a cluster with Rag and Abb for right now. 

  2. Hello! Your tribe in official server?

    1. nicklovin07


      It was we moved to an unofficial that I'm hosting. We are trying to cluster with others but the server is giving me issues. I'm waiting for Nitrado to fix it. 

    2. moonkeeper


      whats ur server



  3. hay i will be kinda new to the game i watch alot of people playing it tho

    i want to join if there is a space for 2 i will be bringing some one with me  

    and i count as a noob XD but i play alot of video games so i should be learning fast

    if ur answer is ok just send me the server name and my friend is good at building 

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    2. nicklovin07


      We have a rented server where I set the rules so it's a fair fight. It is still PVP with tribes but the rule I have is there isn't any tribe over 10 people. Anyways if that server doesn't work out let me know. You can come over and start up a tribe of your own. We will set you up with a quetz, anky, theri, and a doed. Those tames will help you get started up.

    3. moonkeeper


      my only prop is that is that i hate starting from lvl 1 XD

      it is a long way till lvl 67 (the on i am in now)

      but i wil let uk if i will join thx for the offer


    4. nicklovin07


      Yeah no problem and xp is at 3x so you should be able to level up pretty quick.

  4. Hello Nick I would like to join your tribe my psn name is gardner313

  5. Osiyo, you want to message me on PSN?

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