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  1. I stumbled upon a possible solution to this issue. During the timeframe this issue started the game changed the ability to host from the Xbox One. Maybe that has something to do with it. Thankfully I found a wonderful boosted server cluster (under unofficial PC Sessions search for Divine Sinners) and now I don’t need to figure out the exact issue.
  2. After the Winter Wonderland 3 the issue is still happening. Xbox One on 793.36 Windows 10 on 793.34 I've reinstalled the game on my Xbox One (original) that has the issue joining. Just like before I'm able to join other crossplay PC servers with that Xbox One but only if they appear in the Session List.
  3. Xbox One & Windows 10 Crossplay Private Dedicated Server Issue I've been experiencing a Xbox One & Windows 10 Crossplay Private Dedicated Server Issue after the recent game updates. Setup my own Private Dedicated Server right before the Turkey Trial 3 (I think the game was on 792.2) After the game updated on Windows 10 and Xbox One to the Turkey Trial 3 my original Xbox One will no longer connect with an invite. My PC running the Windows 10 version is the Dedicated Server. I send invites from the PC to my Xbox Ones. My Xbox One S connects immediately after an invitation to join is accepted. My Xbox One (original) doesn't do anything other than load up the game. It never loads to join the server. Before the Turkey Trial 3 it did the same thing my Xbox One S currently does. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Side Note: It doesn't seem to create any issues for my Xbox One S but it seems weird that the versions don't match right now. My PC running the Windows 10 version says it's on 793.16 and both of my Xbox Ones on 793.34.
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