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  1. Does anyone know when gen 2 will let us transfer in someone told me the 9/3 but I can't find anything on it
  2. Well I had it on the second layer of my base and I thought it was stuck so I destroyed the ceiling that it was on and that's when I saw it was invisible but I will try thx
  3. Hey so I am having a problem with my reaper baby I was raising it and it went invisible randomly I can't cryopod it and it won't follow me I can still see its name and raising along with put food in its inventory is there anything I can do to fix this or a admin that can help
  4. I'm on official crossplay
  5. I'm having the same problem I've lost 5 wyvern s because of this and got 5 waiting to hatch this needs to be fixed
  6. Hey I'm just wondering how much food is consumed a second during the use of the ability
  7. Sorry I Uninstalled it and reinstalled it and the servers were back
  8. Hey I have been starting to get back into ark on a crossplay server and I got on today and the server is gone is there anything I can do to get my character and things back I've spent a lot of time and was enjoying in and I hate the fact that not only is all my stuff gone but I have no pve ragnarok maps I can get on Is there anything I can do
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