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  1. Gigawaya

    Newbie needs advice and tips

    do i have to go to the obelisks or whatever to transfer them?
  2. Gigawaya

    Let the War Begin

    haha well yeah, i've been trying to get some friends to join up with me on the game so we could start a little tribe and make some allies but thus far i've been solo, tried to join a couple groups too but got denied so just been a loner
  3. Gigawaya

    Let the War Begin

    yeah i've seen people talking about that on several games, they usually dont even talk to me just kill me and steal my poop lol
  4. Gigawaya

    Newbie needs advice and tips

    okay, yeah it can all be a bit confusing but i think its one of those things that gets easier the more we play and do
  5. Gigawaya

    Newbie needs advice and tips

    alright thanks for the info gents
  6. Gigawaya

    Newbie needs advice and tips

    okay so how would you move a cluster per say?
  7. Gigawaya

    Game saves (online)

    so i got my character leveled up to 8 and i had to leave the game and when i went back to the same session i had to restart. why the **** can't I start back with my character how do you get it to properly save online? it was a pvp server
  8. Gigawaya

    Newbie needs advice and tips

    okay that's what i was thinking, but i wasn't sure. What is the difference between clusters and platform? is platform offline local? lol sorry for all the questions and thanks for the advice
  9. Siyo! new to ark still researching and figuring stuff out any help is appreciated. So if you have a character in host/local and or any pvp or pve survers is there a way you can transfer your character with its level and any items to any game??
  10. Gigawaya

    Going Solo

    Hell yeah, I like your way of thinking man! Thanks for the info i appreciate it, if you ever run into me and my buddy on the ark My gamer tag is also Gigawaya
  11. Gigawaya

    Going Solo

    idk because i am still figuring this stuff out myself but i hear if you build fences in dense areas like the one dude said that also helps
  12. Gigawaya

    Let the War Begin

    well being new to the game i get destroyed within 5 minutes by every single group and tribe on whichever server i try haha