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  1. I would go for Argy... there is no step that feels as big, progress wise, as your first argy... farming, taming and killing stuff gets so much easier
  2. killed a mosasaur with tranq arrows...
  3. I was frustrated with my singleplayer save on the Island (just started playing last week) because there were some spawn issues (or its just how it is... in the snow there were like Yutys only, redwood was swarmed with Pteras and nothing else...) so I decided to first have a look on Ragnarok map that finished downloading while I was googling how to get anthing else but yutys and pteras to spawn and then fix that poop... Long story short I am now Lvl 60 on RAG and still amazed how much better this map looks... on island u have jungle, gras, snow, beach, swamp, mountain and the redwood and e
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