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  1. killed a mosasaur with tranq arrows...
  2. I was frustrated with my singleplayer save on the Island (just started playing last week) because there were some spawn issues (or its just how it is... in the snow there were like Yutys only, redwood was swarmed with Pteras and nothing else...) so I decided to first have a look on Ragnarok map that finished downloading while I was googling how to get anthing else but yutys and pteras to spawn and then fix that poop... Long story short I am now Lvl 60 on RAG and still amazed how much better this map looks... on island u have jungle, gras, snow, beach, swamp, mountain and the redwood and every one of these has always the same feeling about it and the same spawns. RAG is not only bigger but also has much more divere landscapes so far, textures look better, plants look better and there are less dinos per square inch which feels better and makes Pteras more useful (on Island I only used argys, AKA flying carnos, because u had to forcefully clear every landing spot). I just settled in for now (metal at the beach because why not) just where I spawned, got lucky with my first tames (lvl 200 something Trike, two mateboosted raptors and a Ptera of about the same level), bred the raptors (lucky again: twins). Hopped on my Ptera as soon as I hit lvl 39 and went looking for some crystal for the spy and water glasses... got lost in the amazing landscapes, barely escaped some wyverns, found crystals and went back to base. I have now upgraded to stone tools and flak armor. next step is to look for an anky (found some on a nearby hill) and doedi (no idea were to find those, but this time I will not google anything location related... thats what Pteras are for) and maybe tame an argy if I happen to run into a lone one at lvl 100+. got distracted by a lvl 85 therizinosaur close to my base. not rly sure what to do with it... highest theri I ever found in my Island game was lvl 20 and taming him was a real pain in the anus, even with single player settings. but I am not realy sure if my raptors can handle it... I did lose some raptors to single digit lvl theris on island. maybe I try to trap it in a 2x2 box and deal with it later.
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