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  1. Its disgusting isent it, U know on xbox we are getting 5 or 6 dashboard crashes per day minimum on all maps Im astonished microsoft is letting them get away with it..
  2. Ok So I played extinction at launch after a few days I just checked out, I genuinly to this day dont know how any dev that worked on Extinction can look at themselves in the mirror after the state that was launched it.. utterly disgusting Anyway recently came back the map and Il admit improvements have been made However their is a ton of stuff im compiling a list But the biggest nonsense I have seen so far is Orbital drops Why do wildcard think its fun for me to have to go around searching for 1-6 dinos at the end of every single raptoring wave on every type of drop taking sometimes upwards of 30 minutes to find them ? Seriously who coded the pathing on this crap and how is this still a problem on this map this long after launch seriously for shame wildcard you really are the arm pit of the gaming world when it comes to supporting your products. Pretty sure no one will ever read this from wildcard however considering the fact that they completely ignore console gamers soon as they have their money raptor you wild card raptor you.
  3. Should be removed from the game without any shadow of a doubt Worst dino they have added period its a raptoring troll machine
  4. Seriously something needs to be done about these dino's they have absolutly no counter except turrets its rediculous I recently went back to official with 3 of my friends on small tribes We tried about 10 different servers spending at least a day on all but even a week on some Trying to build up On every single server groups of trolls on mana's go up and down the maps raping anyone and anything they find. They camp bob spawns and indescriminitly kill anyone and any tame they fine Now ill admit this sort of behavior has always been an issue the trolls were always there and they always will be their but why on gods good earth would you give them the efing mana? Its like it was designed to be a troll machine Unless you have a mana which obviously most dont you die.. its as simple as that its near impossible to even deal with one but they dont come in 1's these raptorers roam in packs! You have to do something about this crap its caused us to just quit official again.. and I know countless other people who have done the same and look im not trying to blow my own trumpet here but we are good at the game man... ide put myself against anyone in a ptere battle and ide have a good chance of winning but you cant do anything about a mana unless u have a damn mana.. and a bred one at that im yet to see a troll on anything less than a lvl 350+ Just do something about it please I dont care what anyone says they are a trolls best friend and the last thing Ark needs is anything that encorages toxic behavior seriously what the raptor were you thinking..
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