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  1. constant timeout whenever I try to load in after fear evolved update
  2. There is the ability to turn off cryo-sickness and cryo-cooldown in PVE servers but not on PVP they should give us the option of turning it off because I play on a dedicated server with friends that is PVP so we have the ability to pickup wild dinos but we want to be able to turn off cryo-sickness and cryo-cooldown but we can't and it is annoying as we cannot play with mods as we play on a windows 10/Xbox server. This would be a quality of life change that would be an option for server hosts
  3. This is great answered exactly what i needed to know, so basically i just need chance to be on my side for all mutations to pass down and for a new one to develop
  4. Im not worried about hitting level cap im kinda far from hitting that, I just dont seem to be getting any that are lvl 238 i can tell that i am getting mutations because some are coming out different colours but not adding to my current mutations it seems like the chances arent in my favour and i want to get to 10 hp 10 melee mutations but the chances dont seem like that will happen if i cant even get a 238
  5. So I have some megatheriums at lvl 230 when i am breeding for mutations I have now got a male with 2 mutations in melee and 1 in hp so i have a lvl 236 mega do I keep breeding to get lvl 238 males or what, i am getting confused because i seem to be getting less and less mutations since i am relying on getting a mutation and all the previous ones carrying across. or should I have one line for melee mutations and one for HP? can someone explain please
  6. anyone know where to get the wyvern bone skin is it only on scorched earth?
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