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  1. Hey, genius. When are you going to realize that the game is in development, and because the game is a PC Game ported to the Xbox one, and is devved on PCs, that it's the best way to go about it. There is no "pc development and Xbox development" Everything is devved, pushed to PC, then has to be modified for Xbox before it can get ported. TL:DR Actual development -> ported to PC - >reworked and ported to Xbox.
  2. It'd not do much witty as it is just a good name. I got a really high level white Rex. I name all my Rexes, spines, and Argus after Egyptian gods. I named this Rex Ma'am, the female God of justice. My argi is hathor , the goddess of love and dance.
  3. Are we ever gonna have some more digests? PLEASE?
  4. Whats the bet the dossier team was bored and drew this, and so now they're just asking the forums what it should be and do?
  5. I'm Jatman! /obscure off-topic reference.
  6. But I mean why even bother with taming prime anyway. A rex or carno is much more efficient. are you LokiFire from LTT, or just a coincidence?
  7. ... But why? Stegs give about 1-2 if youre lucky. Its so much easier just to go out and beat up a paracer.
  8. Oops lol. Thought one of the birds in your profile was the same one from an Anime. my bad.
  9. as soon as I get a terro bird its gonna be called Hitari.
  10. DildorTheDecent and DildorTheDirty, my mate boosted dilos, John See-na, my plesi, My carno, fish, because he swims so well, My angler, tiffany, because she can swallow anything, and one of my clannies has a 120 quetz named jeleous.
  11. And they're adding the randomomized coel. It's your lucky day!
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