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  1. Not possible to do without a mod or a map that was programed to have the engrams unlocked on it.
  2. That post was after the last update unfortunately, was broken before then. Fixed. Was reported day 1 which was Jan 11, today is Mar 6, just shy of 2 months.
  3. We still have a ton of bugs in the beta that still need fixed, are you really going to just push it to live and hope for the best? The kibble rework isn't finish yet as some creatures don't have a kibble yet and some eggs are in groups they probably shouldn't be in. And we just got the changes to imprinting a week ago and that has problems. As for the integrated S+ we have snap point problems, modded S+ not working, and structures switching between modded and ark versions randomly on map load.
  4. Integrated S+ structures are still being replaced by modded S+ structures on map load. I`am also still getting stuck on structures but it doesn't happen as much unless they get unloaded then it starts back up again. And modded S+ is still broken with no snap points on anything.
  5. Only tested in SP so don't know if unofficial servers will have the same problem but; if you place any of the integrated S+ structures, next time you start your save with the S+ mod installed all integrated S+ structures will change to modded S+ structures. And side note: all modded S+ structures don't have snap points when on the beta build.
  6. I just learned the hard way trying to expand my base that this beta build broke all building structures for the modded version of S+. Noting snaps to anything.
  7. There is no delay in the radial menu when picking up structures, is this; intentional, a oversight, or phase 1 shenanigans.
  8. @Jen What's happening to the Structures Plus mod itself? There is talk about the mod being removed from the workshop by end of January and Orionsun can't open source it, nor it's sister mods Platforms Plus and Platforms Anywhere, since WildCard owns the rights to all 3 mods, especially since you are talked about not adding everything in those mods like the utility guns and the utility npc's (Item Collector, Farmer, est.), and the Resource Pulling system.
  9. Even living in Ohio it's a bit much. Just shipping along is at $50, and I was looking forward for this.
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