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  1. I’ve noticed that I get dismounted while opening doors on some of my Dino’s. Specifically my flying mounts and occasionally my theri. I have hold to dismount disable. although this has been an issue before that feature was added. it seems when I click to open a door I get dismounted. It’s pretty annoying and even more so when I’m luring a future tame into a pen and get dismounted while opening the door.
  2. MTXCraze

    Filter icon for player inventory and Dino’s

    I 2nd a search filter. Would be nice to just throw the 10000 berries from my bronto and save the thatch the drop all function is very nice to, glad it was added.
  3. MTXCraze

    Sudden Massive lag issues..

    I’ve noticed this too. On very low settings I’m only getting about 5fps on iPhone 8 pve us massive server
  4. MTXCraze

    Raft being destroyed

    I also had a raft just vanish while farming oil
  5. MTXCraze

    Honestly why are we even trying anymore?

    I can’t even use my character it’s been stuck on a dino. I could start over...again. Great game just way to many game breaking bugs.
  6. MTXCraze

    Stuck on mount

    I logged in and was stuck on top of a Dino. Now I’ve been stuck on my therizinosaur for hours. I’ve re logged plenty of times Had a tribemate try whistles and other commands. Even request to teleport. I’ve taken off the saddle, tried eating organic polymer which I can’t do. I’m running out of ideas So basically I’m stuck on a Dino can’t move and can’t play the game. Any solutions? Fixes? Or am I out of luck? I wouldn’t want this to be the reason I stop playing with real money invested and all.
  7. Ive been trying finish the 1.7 gig up date on my phone but it’s going extremely slow. I have very poor service where I live and currently don’t have access to WiFi. I’m tethering from another phone so I can download it. It’s been downloading for about 2 days now Long story short my character is getting deleted in less than 24 hours according to the game because I haven’t logged in . Well I can’t login becasue I can’t update the app.
  8. MTXCraze


    When building on a raft and/or mounting and dismounting a raft the raft losses collision and you fall through into the water. You Have the restart the game to fix it but It but it just happens again right away.
  9. MTXCraze

    Wuzhui NA?

    Massive NA has also disappeared for me too. I have a friend still playing on it right now.
  10. Same problem. I crashed. Logged back into server and had to create a new character server was massive medium PvE said na now says EU And primal pass won’t refresh