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  1. MTXCraze

    Ad watching wait times

    A temporary solution in my original thread says to reset your advertising identifier in your phones settings. A quick google showed me how on my iPhone. Settings-> privacy -> Advertising -> reset advertising identifier. This helped. Sometimes I need to wait a few seconds for “0:00” to disappear and “watch ad” pops up. If that doesn’t work. I reload the game once or twice and it seems to works. If still nothing I’ll re set the ad identifier again then rinse repeat. I’m guessing we get ads based on our ad identifier. By resting the identifier we are not limiting ourself to ads based on our browsing interests inturn letting us watch a more variety of ads and less chance of running out of ads to serve us. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Good luck!!
  2. MTXCraze


    This actually worked thank you! I’ve watched 3 ads so far. I have iOS too Another work around for something that needs to be fixed but this will do.
  3. MTXCraze


    Re logging works great........ 4 days now no ads. Probably not re newing primal pass at this point. Too many game breaking bugs. Crashing, structures disappearing, Invisiable walls, lag, items disappearing when Un equipped. Purchasing issues, Getting dismounted when opening doors from door frames, getting stuck on mounts, pvp exploits and no way to get amber without deep pockets or searching the map and picking up rocks to name a few. Can’t get crafting stations, can’t revive Dino’s, cant get collars or decorative items or pheromones for breeding. Nothing. Great game over all on a mobile platform but the frustration is > fun at this point. Lots of work arounds for the stuff I mentioned but fixing them would be great too. I know you’re a small company and you’re looking into fixing things. Good luck. Thanks for at least replying /rantoff
  4. MTXCraze


    Bump its been 3 days since I’ve been able to check an add. I constantly re load the game. Always says 0:00. Guess I’m stuck picking up rocks 1 at a time. I know know it’s a known issue and you’re looking into it....
  5. MTXCraze

    New Tribe Member Stole Item and All Blueprint

    I’ll answer for them. No. Make sure you trust who you invite to your tribe. Stuff like that can happen. I would just move on and keep collecting.
  6. Had the same thing happen. Constantly have to refresh my gates. Best part is I had a perimeter gate disappear and I can’t replace it due to to many structures now that someone build behind us. Fun times.
  7. MTXCraze


    Are ads ever getting fixed? It’s hard collecting amber when you can only watch 1 or 2 ads a day. That’s 4 amber a day. The rest of the time it says 0:00. That’s about 2 month of watching ads for just 1 gold collar. Forget about reviving Dino’s or getting crafting station or pheromones if I can’t accumulate it fast enough. Until my money tree is fully grown I’m stuck trying to watch ads for free amber. Thanks for reading.
  8. MTXCraze

    Ads 0:00

    I Can pretty much watch one or two ads a day. It always says 0:00 when I go and try to watch one. Basically putting my amber to halt. I would love to revive Dino’s and get stuff from the shop at some point or even try the gnome contest but without adds and amber.... iPhone 8 US pve medium server massive.
  9. MTXCraze

    Unable to build

    Same problem. I had a random gate disappear around my perimeter and now I can’t place it back. 😕
  10. Pretty sure a lot of people give a “crap” about cheaters. I know I do. Winning in a game by cheating is not “beating your asses” it’s cheating to win. Plain and simple.
  11. Same thing happened to me. While riding my doedicurus I got clipped/pinched next to my bohemith gate when opening it and my doedic died immediately. Luckily I used my revival platform but I wish I didn’t have to waste the amber in the first place.
  12. I tried both pheromones and I can’t use either of them on both the female or male argent. Intended or bug?
  13. I had bread 2 argents and when the timer was up no egg pooped out of the female. I checked all around pretty good even where I had tamed it and found no feralized egg. Now I lost a pheromone and the amber and have to wait another 18 hours to breed again. Would love the pheromone back or at the very least a fix for this bug.
  14. MTXCraze

    Can’t repair!!

    My helm broke while wearing the beta tester hat skin. I can’t remove the skin and I can’t move it to the smithy to repair it.... Time to gather mats to make another ascendent helm I guess till this is fixed.
  15. MTXCraze

    Can't complete imprinting

    I was only able to imprint my saber 98% but the buff still shows 30% 🤷🏻‍♂️