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  1. I used to do 10 or 15x for that kind of server with per level stat boosts on dinos and players. It helps if you test other servers people have made to figure out what kind of stuff you like.
  2. I would suggest you use the beacon app. It's good for customizing your server.
  3. I would suggest you find a server someone else has rented and coded already to play on though. It took me weeks to teach myself how to set up the server if you want to do things like custom drops or have the multiplier anything above 6x.
  4. You have to purchase a server from nitrado or other server hosting websites. Its 13$ on nitrado for 30 days on one map with 10 players.
  5. Ark server 25x boosted player and dino stats pvp orp is active, this is because of the small tribes, new players will not be taken advantage of. Allies are okay. Admin willing to help newcomers within reason. 25x server pvp small tribes. Friendly admins, admins dont raid. Open to change suggestions. Larger Stat boosts for weight, oxygen, speed, taming and crafting. Server name is 25x+Mods under unofficial PC sessions. Nitrado server. Boss fights reward 100-600 element depending on difficulty Clustering with ragnarok starting today.
  6. Zaiya

    Hey, if you would like to join the server, add dapperterror308 as a friend. That is the user account that hosts the server you can join straight from there. If you would like I'm also recruiting to my tribe you're welcome to join if you like otherwise you're free to do what you want.

    1. ivvv


      ok thank you is it ok if i invite two other friends of mine to play


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