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  1. GameOfArk[10xBoosted] nitrado server Small 16 slot server just started up 2 days ago. Friendly admins! Admins do not raid or harass players, no ORP, alliance is ok. All ages welcome! Map is ragnarok, if populated enough we will upgrade and add new maps for a cluster. Search “ gameofark[10xboosted]” in pc dedicated sessions to join!
  2. Viper is a slightly boosted server which hosts regular events, and has fully active admins. There will be no admin abuse on this server for PVP. The admin tribe will not participate in PVP. We have a fully active and functioning Discord server, https://discord.gg/KxnEtZU and we recommend anyone who joins the cluster also join the discord. This will help keep players up to date on news, update info, and allow players to interact from the other servers in the cluster much easier. Server Stats (whole cluster): 10x experience gain 10x gathering 10x breeding speed *Reduced breeding interval time *Reduced egg lay interval time *Reduced pooping interval time 10x plant growth speed 10x taming speed 25x baby maturation speed Custom drops *slightly boosted overall human stats *slightly boosted Dino stats *Tamed Dino limit per-tribe is 800 *Turret limit is 250 *platform turrets enabled *platform structure limit increase *boosted Dino spawns rate for specific dinos. Attention: This server is only open to Ragnarok as of this moment, however we are making dinos and objects from other maps available during events until the other maps open up. Rules: 1.) No meshing. If you are reported for meshing, you will be banned. 2.) No insiding. If it is proven that you are guilty of insiding, you and your whole tribe will be banned. We will not replace lots items or dinos. 3.) Absolutely no land-grabbing. Offenders will be warned once. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please remember to remove any temporary structures. 4.) No caging for longer than 5 consecutive hours at a time. Anyone caught violating will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. 5.) Absolutely no taming Titans. Offenders will be banned. 6.) No transfers to others servers whatsoever of the following dinos: -Velos and higher level Mech. ( Basic Mech are O.K) 7.) The use of manas for base raiding is prohibited. 8.) No destruction of admin structures or killing admin dinos. This is for event purposes. Weekly Events: 1.) Gladiator event- This will take place at an admin built colosseum where hand to hand combat will take place and other players watch. There will be a level 150 tame of your choosing for the reward. 2.) Admin raid- An admin-built base will be available for you to raid. You will have two hours to do so, and retrieve anything inside. The rewards will be inside, which will include resources and element. 3.) Sunday’s Dino tame hide-and-seek- Every Sunday we will host an event where we spawn a level 250 wild Dino of our choice in a random location on the map. Players will have two hours to locate the Dino. If you do not tame the Dino within the time limit the tame goes to the admins! Whoever finds the Dino first gets the tame. No exceptions. No stealing the Dino, no killing the Dino. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be disqualified from future events along with the rest of their tribe. 4.) Wednesday live admin auction- We will have a Neutral zone every Wednesday where we auction special dinos and blueprints to participating players. We will only host in a specified location, no exceptions. We do not deliver, if you can’t make it, or transport the items yourself, the sale is void. 5.) Friday marketplace- Every Friday we will have the neutral zone open for tribes to come and safely trade and sell items and dinos they advertise. An admin will be present to make sure all transactions are fair and to make sure everyone plays fair. Any disrespectful or dishonest behavior during this event will result in an immediate ban. Holiday Events: Valentine’s Day 2 person maze breeding game- A two person team go through a large maze to try to find a male and female Dino the admins have hidden. They will claim then breed the dinos together then walk the baby to the finish line. The team will be timed, whichever team does this the fastest wins the rewards. Easter fertilized egg hunt- The admins will set up leashes with parents on random locations of the island. They will be constantly laying fertilized eggs as the timer runs. The dinos will be level 150 perfect tames. First come first serve, no killing the parent dinos. Have fun egg hunting! 4th of July Equis race- whoever collects all the tourches and crosses the finish line first wins. Must be riding an Equis. Halloween haunted house run- Try to survive our haunted building. The last man standing wins. You may only bring 1 tame. You cannot participate with Gagas, Brontos, Titans, Wyverns, Quetz, or elementals. Thanksgiving under-the-sea scavenger hunt: Find the notes at the bottom of the ocean. The tribe with the most notes wins! You may not kill another player and take their notes. You can however kill a player to keep them from collecting the same ungathered note as you. Do not loot the dead body. Christmas admin-clause- Come find an admin and make a reasonable Christmas gift request and we may grant it. Limited one per tribe. We are more than happy to receive donations to keep this server alive and continue running our events. We do also offer custom Dino coloring for 1$. We look forward to seeing you!
  3. It wouldn't allow me to post in your forum.

    - Gamertag- ZilaYue

    - Days/Hours available-  anytime when I'm not at work

    - Why you want to join- I've been playing single player for a few months now and I love the game so much but I think it's better when your part of a group. I also enjoy going and gathering resources taming and breeding. I have a few mutated Spinos on my single player.

    - Your Ark experience- I have played single player on the island map and on the center map. I've mostly done taming, gathering, and a lot of breeding.

    - Time zone- eastern (Kentucky)

  4. wont let me apply on your post  but I would like to join


    Gamertag- pies4life46

    - Days/Hours available-  anytime when I'm not working

    - Why you want to join- I love ark and its hard to find a good helpful tribe

    - Your Ark experience- I have played on multiple servers and been in many tribes, I love griding and building and the tribe aspect of the game

    - Time zone- eastern time zone (New York)


    1. Xburntxxtoastx


      I am opening a dedicated server to anyone who would like to join this weekend. I plan to have server up 24 hours a day and I'm very easy going for anyone just looking to join a fun boosted server. I am also willing to help anyone out to get going, I would like to get this server populated fast. Add me xBOWxXxDOWNx and I will accept invite and hop on and off anytime u would like. Server will be online starting tomorrow at 10pm cst and will not go off unless it needs maintaince. Looking forward to seeing some new survivors come play a fun boosted server on the island. Msg me with any questions 

    2. ImThat1Italian1


       am opening a player dedicated server to anyone who would like to join. I plan to have server up most of the day and I'm very easy going for anyone just looking to join a fun boosted server. I am also willing to help anyone out to get going, I would like to get this server populated fast. Add me Kill Switch Pro0 and ImThat1Italian and I will accept invite and hop on and off anytime u would like.

      Joining our server, we give you 2 free 150 Tames of your choice to guide and help you get started.


      Player Health, Stamina, Damage, Weight

      Dino Damage, Health, Weight, Stamina, Speed.

      Harvesting Rate, Mating Interval, Hatching Speed, Baby Cuddle Multipliers, Difficulty level: (Dinos: 150 and under).  

      Server is about 3 weeks old. Looking forward to seeing some new survivors come play a fun boosted server on the island.

      Message me ( ImThat1Italian ) if interested or questions may raise.

  5. Hey I can't apply on the recruitment post you made so I hope you see this, I'd love to join :)

    Gamertag- Violence Azbo

    - Days/Hours available- Anytime past 3:20GMT

    - Why you want to join- I love helping others and contributing 

    - Your Ark experience- I have played on multiple servers and been in many tribes of which 2 have been alpha's

    - Time zone- GMT

  6. send me a friend request on xbox @ ToxicGhost615

    1. Zaiya


      I did, but I havnt gotten a response from you.

  7. I would love to join your tribe I have level 95 character and two gigas saved more another would if needed 

    1. Zaiya


      It's on a player dedicated server. Is your character and dinos on an official server?


  8. Zaiya

    Hey, if you would like to join the server, add dapperterror308 as a friend. That is the user account that hosts the server you can join straight from there. If you would like I'm also recruiting to my tribe you're welcome to join if you like otherwise you're free to do what you want.

    1. ivvv


      ok thank you is it ok if i invite two other friends of mine to play


  9. Can I join your ark server. My gamertag is "Pepsi blue"

    1. PepsiBlue


      This is me too.


    2. Zaiya


      Yes add dapperterror308 to join the server:) That is the host account

    3. PepsiBlue


      Thanks. In route now. Thanks for the speedy reply ;)



  10. Do you have to buy again once I t comes out in june

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    2. PUREEVIL666999


      I played and I'm trying to play but I don't want to pay for it twice

    3. PUREEVIL666999
    4. PUREEVIL666999
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