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  1. Best Missions For Loot pretty much just the title. I'm early game right now and haven't played much genesis and was just wondering what the best and easiest missions for loot was.
  2. could be a bug or it could have gotten the other parents stam and you didnt realize that it had more stam
  3. Best PVP Dinos What are currently the best pvp dinos and their uses? My go to was a rhino but now I'm being told they were nerfed to poop. Would be nice to know what i should use now other than a giga
  4. Ferox Losing Post-Tame Levels when Transforming I got a good breeder ferox with 40+ points in one stat, and when I fed it element to breed, it transformed and lost all of its post-tame stats, went back to level 140. This bug was here since release of genesis, and I thought it fixed but apparently not.
  5. Ferox Melee Going Down When Transformed My Ferox when transformed had 513% melee, but now it has reduced to 475. Does anybody know why?
  6. Server Has No Battleye Ever since yesterday I have been trying to play on my cluster's Genesis server (NA-OfflineRaidProtection-Genone-Crossark6) but I cannot see it when I try to transfer. I have to connect by going into steam > view > servers and connecting from there. Even when I do connect, I keep getting kicked because of battleye every 3-5 minutes. This is happening to everybody trying to play the map. My friend said he was able to see the server in the server list earlier, and it didn't even have a battleye icon next to it like the other servers.
  7. Genesis Server Won't Show and Battleye Kicking I am on a crossark server and whenever I'm accessing a transmitter I can't see my crossark's genesis server but my friends can. One of my friends though can join the genesis server but gets kicked immediately because of battleye. I heard other people were having trouble on this same crossark. I am playing on crossark6
  8. shut up u cuck let me tame my ferox without needing 30 element
  9. Can't See Server My friends can see the genesis server we play on but I can't for some reason. I have restarted ark, steam, waited an hour (almost 2) and I still can't see the server. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  10. Crasher334

    Ferox not taming

    Ferox not taming I was able to tame a ferox in 2 element, but so far i have fed it 7 and it has yet to tame. Is this a bug or did wildcard just increase their element consumption a lot? nevermind they tame when you get them up to 100% addiction.
  11. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to when there are managarmrs, gasbags, velos, titans able to go to ab
  12. I'm saying you cannot transfer dinos on genesis to other servers like ab. I want to transfer my ferox to aberration. All of this was them enabling transfers from creatures on other maps TO genesis. For example, the extinction one was enabling people to transfer reapers TO extinction. Not tames FROM extinction TO another server.
  13. you can transfer off but you cannot transfer items/dinos off to other servers like you were able to before
  14. that's a complete lie. I was able to transfer things from ab on first day of release.
  15. Can't transfer off of genesis Why am I not able to transfer items/creatures off of the server like aberration or extinction when they were released? Will transfers ever be open?
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