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  1. I've tried that mission and it is completely broken on console. However I was really enjoying the astrodelphis as a way to get around the huge new map. Then the last patch hit and it became ridiculous and frustrating to use.
  2. Since the last patch everyone in my tribe has been having a problem with their character constantly falling off their astrodelphis. You'll be flying along and suddenly your character ejects from the mount and the astrodelphis heads straight for the ground. There are certain places it is nearly certain to happen like the loading transition between the space biome and others but it also happens extremely frequently just flying around the two main biomes. We are all playing on PS5's on an unofficial unmodded server. This problem has only presented itself since the last patch.
  3. In singleplayer on PS5 when you place down and mount an upgraded minigun (ramshackle/apprentice/etc) it reverts to primitive when you pick it back up.
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