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  1. Why toxic ? He says true Uptade for update for update and évent Still broken and And purple only Spawn on région 4 this IS a constation Évent had started since a week now So u Can keep ur réflexion for u
  2. hope they fix it but i have a doubt
  3. Even tame a vélo blue Yesterday ....
  4. Nah purple only Spawns on région 4 Colors spawn are broken
  5. some moderator or gm can answer please? dino dark color spawn only on certain region and not all i have hunt like mad and tame around 30 owls spawn color are broken atm on extinction 468 dont know for other map thank u
  6. hi all does some of you have find dark purple color? purple for example? cant find one and i hunt since event is on....
  7. hi make solo serv ! a lot of player play alone
  8. build the industril grinder by myself on official this is amazing , i grind cementing paste that i found in beaver dawn took 3 level during day , i reach lvl 85 ^^
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