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  1. HELLO EVERYONE, So the only way i solved the issue for it not letting me play was to get a brand new console. I replaced it with the store i got it from lucky i had warranty on it still
  2. Yeah man, my is now working I moved my Xbox from another room and went to wireless instead of hardwire, it must be a small glitch
  3. Hey dude, it is being so random for me too still. I tired Xbox support 3 times they say go ark dev and ask for help. I tied no reply. And even more strange it was work last night for like 2hrs then crashed on me. Now it's not working at all again. My network was on moderate at the time so I don't think it's a network issue. There is is a ark update on the 10th for Xbox so hope that might fix it. We gotta spend this issue out to devs more ! Let me know if you find a fix
  4. Nah man the game is still not opening Even when my Nat type is open. ive tried everything troubleshoot possible I don't know what to do
  5. Hey dude, Yes i did try this multiple times even after i reinstalled it. There is one thing i notice tho when i try and launch the game. It makes a Weird Ping every time i try to open it. I also spoke to customer support for xbox and followed there steps. they say its either the game or my NAT type? Thanks for the suggestion
  6. Has Anyone else not been about to start up ARK on Xbox one, Mine keep opening up then closing down? Sometime Please try again appears and says its taken to long to start ? I have tried restarting the console, quitting the game and re-launching it. followed Xbox Help. Nothing has work so far? Does anyone else know how to fix this issue. Been wanting to play for days. Cheers
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