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  1. Hey guys! I've looked into this issue. We will get one of these servers onto our maintenance list for today. The maintenance is only required for one server of the 3 to resolve the issue for all of them so don't be alarmed if yours isn't under maintenance. I will put notice here when maintenance takes place

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    At 7:30pm Eastern on November 21st we will be taking down all OC servers for maintenance on all console platforms (No PC). We expect maintenance to last for approximately 3 hours. During this time the servers will not be running therefore time will not progress. Once the servers are back online, they will require re-adding to your favorites list as they will have new IP addresses.

  3. 1 hour ago, BeligerentRhino said:

    Now we have lost all tek engrams after the Server 555 came back up? This just confuses me.

    They should be fixed with the incoming reboot. They were just hidden (due to a config setting).

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