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  1. Just witnessed an entire server that had the whole map to themselves get wiped (They were a very friendly bunch of asians, I assume, because they wrote in "boxbox". But some were european. I knew a few of them since the winter event). 8months of build just went down in a matter of 20mins for each "base/teleport" location they built in. Caves took mere seconds, it's a joke. It drove all of them to the point of anger and madness to weaponize and superspread COVID-19 to as many people as they can, like the swamp fever (one of them said lol), some of their friends/relatives have already died from what I heard so I suppose they are acting in an irrational form of "nothing more to lose, and don't give a flying F". I don't blame them and feel kinda bad, but the game is designed in this way. Don't play if you cannot handle this gravity of loss. Everyone gets the same during raids regardless of what caliber they are, we all get wiped because it's only a matter of time and you lose all that you bring to the table. There are lots of ways to wipe bases quickly: cluster grenades, plat saddles, or just OP dinos etc. Like these vids as example... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uDe-oe3LTo Looks like they got nothing to play in ARK during quarantine, I guess the best thing to do is really go out there and take some fresh air. Gaming can be understandably stressful and infuriating, so if you are new to PvP Official just be aware of the circumstances involved, play responsibly and don't let things get to your head, specially in this period of time. If your base is found... It's likely a relentless '24hr+' no sleep battle to keep your base alive. If offline raid, then say goodbye to all your work. Just expect these things. They were really kind people and even helped me out with starter kits and resources or just offered help if I ever get raided... I hope better things are ahead and waiting for them in life for being such cool friends to play with. Here I decided to share their untold war-story to immortalize the goodness within them, before slowly finding themselves fall down a dark path. I fear a lot of similar events are bound to happen so use this as a lesson to not tilt so hard and just go chill. This is peak gaming on PvP Official servers for you. It's why, at the same time, I may seem like I contradict myself because don't believe in the saying: "It's just a game bro, who cares, forget about it." (But one is careless, and the other is chill). Because even though virtual, we are still interconnected in many other ways and still share emotional bonds and effects such as empathy, hatred, love, friendship, betrayal, etc. It is still a real living/feeding/breathing human being (with their own life influence upon them) on the other end of the internet which many seem to forget or deliberately put aside. This incident awakened a deep sense of Humanitarianism within me to do something about it, whether ingame or real life but this game clearly doesn't revolve around such things, it is us who has to play around the "metas" of ARK even though it is terrible, unbalanced, unfair, anger-inducing, or whatever. Maybe it is time; to give up on trying to make a difference or impact. Instead, just let things flow... Allow destruction to run its course to pave way for change to happen. Besides, one learns a whole lot more from failure than from success. There is always something to take from a downfall, if one hasn't forgotten to look. Anyone else got such "Stories of ARK" to tell from your experience?
  2. For a prod, it does seem VERY short... specially when it's about Dinos lol. But i'll think creatively and it's perhaps something like: You have to somehow get on the back of the Titanosaurus and electrify it lol or You can fire a cable-like grapple from the prod that latches onto the dino with a limited range. If too far, the link (or weapon) breaks. (Tail swings will try and knock people away to break the link). It only suggest that "Narcotics" won't affect it, but narcotic uses are only one of the other ways to induce Torpor. Clubs, fists, scorpions and "frog" are non-narcotic examples so this Electric Prod is rather interesting! Perhaps it induces Torpor per second for as long as the link isn't broken. Each prod latched onto the dino will have reduced effectiveness perhaps to make it balanced. 1 Prod = 100% effective 2 Prod = 80% effective 3 Prod = 60% effective 4 Prod = 40% effective 5 Prod = 20% effective 6 or more Prods = 1% effective With 5 guys, you can speed up the Torpor that is induced into the dino by an extra 200% (1% more from any extra guy after 5th). Things like this would make it rather interesting, challenging and nothing like the typical methods that we already know and involves coordination and "evolved" teamwork ha! I'm thinking and also hoping its tail swings are about the same strength as a Bronto... preferably less as it's mostly fall damage and knock backs that cause serious injuries. Just to knock people away to break links. With its real strength being that it can REFLECT back a huge portion of damage back to its aggressor hinted by the "Armoured plates of bone protrusion". With a Giganotosaurus as an example, gigs will do too much damage for its own good if it wants to chomp on the Titanosaur... Which is basically killing itself. One chomp of the Giga being deflected back to it can probably trigger its rage, throwing off the rider and killing things in the vicinity and perhaps also uncontrollably chomping even more at the Titanosaur... maybe to its own death. My imagination is probably going nuts at this point but i'm overall super excited to see the outcome of things, and love what the devs are doing!
  3. With this new item? SPOILER ALERT: FLAK ARMOR + ELECTRIC PROD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610002554
  4. Really want this in the game! I'm guessing the way this dino works is like a "damage reflector" hinted by its armored plates of bone protrusions that reflects a % of the damage taken, back to the aggressor. So a Giga is basically killing itself when trying to harm the Titanosaurus having a large amount of HP. Probably a way to kill it would be by using ballistas and rocket turrets (man-made heavy arsenal) which is rather nice. Barely anyone uses ballistas so this would be nice. Just thinking about how this would be used. Love this Titanosaur concept (and the appearance of it)!
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