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  1. In the second reply I posted that it doesn't really affect megatribes at all. Probably just a little more maintenance but nothing too out of ordinary on that scale. There are dozens or hundreds of players active around the clock and have TEK Dedi Boxes full of ammo to refill their frontline as needed, unless there is too much enemy "suppressing fire/bombardment" that they can't get near the turrets to top them up without risking their lives. But megatribes do rise and fall, it's just a lot of back-and-forth that causes stalemate wars, but that's where the fun is at. Both attackers and defender
  2. Thanks all you guys, I appreciate your support a lot. It is a crushing demoralizing thing to experience. Even now, the aftermath is a haunting thing that escalated my fears and stress to new heights. Because I know i'd "perform" well within gameplay, even if it was a defeat, it's a gradual thing and it's just "gg wp" at that point for me to learn my mistakes and start again with better experience for next time. But having it being taken away from me overnight has left me in some kind of shock. I'm just paralyzed to figure out what to do. I wasn't defeated by my own errors, but by a stupid and
  3. Just like any other high competitive game out there, the top tier demands this kind of determination. ARK however, is a different beast that hasn't thoroughly pieced together things sensibly. Other games don't require you to be so dedicated, you can perform when you are ready. There is time to unwind and perfect yourself. But here, you can't afford to slack... You either lose all your progress and stay low tier (which i've seen can also be very frustrating, and gives a sense of being powerless/hopeless), or be tenacious and dedicated to end up beating the odds. That's the game desig
  4. TEK Turret nerf/update (Double Consumption) destroyed PvP's delicate balance. This is a long writing but i'm pouring my raw feedback and experience on this. I have nothing left and this is what I have to say after thousands of hours (I played ARK since Beta just before Riot gear was added, I don't even remember the year). I have been a soloist player this time and my journey began from December 2019. I faced every single odd that a "high tier" PvP would face. From the start, it was pointless to build a base... So I "survived" by being hidden. I would be hunted by mega tribes (that ha
  5. TEK Cloning Chambers and Implant for Imprinting. As far as I know and have searched around... The cloning chamber will give a perfect clone of the original in every way regarding stats and colouration, however it will lose the imprinting. This limits its usage to a much smaller purpose. We can't use it to clone unbreedable dinos such as Wyverns for example, with imprinting (this is essential). Let's say we got lucky and hatched a very nice stat Wyvern and we'd like to clone it to have a strong imprinted line... That's not possible, even though the cost of cloning it will be ridi
  6. Mammoths can harvest Beaver Dam's content. Would introduce a new farming meta dedicated to the Quetzal; which can carry a Mammoth. Less annoyance from people who take Cementing Paste and leave everything else. Synergizes well with the Mammoth's wood and rare mushroom weight reduction. Argentavis is seen as a good flying carrier for Anky/Doedic, primarily metal and element dust grinding. Karkinos is great for Anky and primarily metal grinding. Quetz used to be the ultimate carrier back in the days but has lost its role as such and mostly there for glitching against turret towers wi
  7. The thread seem to have deviated into a breeding topic... But anyway, I like the idea of having a use-dial to remove grapples like removing a leech (and be immune to more grapples for a few seconds, else it's pointless, can just refire the grapple instantly again). Grapples are broken OP when done right, can encumber even the largest of "battle dinos" (dinos primarily designed for combat, such as manas, gigas, wyverns, etc). A single flimzy player or definitely two can drag-weigh down a huge wyvern and lock it in place (around 600~800 weight), which is really silly... It's like a human fly
  8. Just witnessed an entire server that had the whole map to themselves get wiped (They were a very friendly bunch of asians, I assume, because they wrote in "boxbox". But some were european. I knew a few of them since the winter event). 8months of build just went down in a matter of 20mins for each "base/teleport" location they built in. Caves took mere seconds, it's a joke. It drove all of them to the point of anger and madness to weaponize and superspread COVID-19 to as many people as they can, like the swamp fever (one of them said lol), some of their friends/relatives have already died fro
  9. Regarding my last topic, about players having a "FLAG" that provides a limited area for construction and building vertically instead. I found it best to slot a small sentence into that large thread to elaborate on that particular bit. There's a lot to talk about, which has a domino effect on a lot of things which leads to how PvP is currently... Which is trash. It's as silly as how years back we had "PLANT-X QUETZ" or better known as "Battle Quetz" Being by far the strongest and ridiculously broken meta, nothing stood a chance. Gigas and Bosses would melt in seconds. I r
  10. Hi, I found this post useful and quoted you into another thread here...
  11. Yep. The way PvP is currently is extremely broken. This is an MMO game with no resource limitation and yet there IS LIMITED AMOUNTS OF TURRETS (Only 100). Which makes no sense. Almost as if the devs have never played their own game in PvP at all, just speculation of what it's like. Here's a quoted thread I found which is how 99% of the players are getting royally pissed off at how the game is like. Yet all this can be easily fixed by tweaking some of the things that makes the game so highly contrasted in strength. Instead of limiting the AMOUNT OF TURRETS in an area for example
  12. Also I just came across this video and it spoke out my points that I wrote out. (Specially from 6mins 40sec). I'm hoping the devs somehow heavily brainstorm in an open megathread with players who has thousands of hours to understand the point of view in such PvP. As mentioned, I don't mind raids (Take all the loot you can find). But wipes are the main cause of players quitting (Destroying structures and workstations that could help that raided player to bounce back). They way that "power" is defined in this game is causing a lot of frustration, harm, negativity when it
  13. The mana needs an extreme nerf to dust or an overhaul that makes sense lol. The current PvP is ONLY to get out of your hiding hole only if you have a lvl200~300+ managarmr, a pocket rhino and pocket giga well bred, and plant Z + med brews. That's all you need and it's getting rather stupid that every other dino or kit is pointless because of a very wide contrast in strength of dinos. Another thing i'd like to add is to do something about the way a tribe acquires territory. (Perhaps players start off with a default flag that claims a certain radius for a suitable base size, which can be
  14. For a prod, it does seem VERY short... specially when it's about Dinos lol. But i'll think creatively and it's perhaps something like: You have to somehow get on the back of the Titanosaurus and electrify it lol or You can fire a cable-like grapple from the prod that latches onto the dino with a limited range. If too far, the link (or weapon) breaks. (Tail swings will try and knock people away to break the link). It only suggest that "Narcotics" won't affect it, but narcotic uses are only one of the other ways to induce Torpor. Clubs, fists, scorpions and "frog" are no
  15. With this new item? SPOILER ALERT: FLAK ARMOR + ELECTRIC PROD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610002554
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