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  1. Just witnessed an entire server that had the whole map to themselves get wiped (They were a very friendly bunch of asians, I assume, because they wrote in "boxbox". But some were european. I knew a few of them since the winter event). 8months of build just went down in a matter of 20mins for each "base/teleport" location they built in. Caves took mere seconds, it's a joke. It drove all of them to the point of anger and madness to weaponize and superspread COVID-19 to as many people as they can, like the swamp fever (one of them said lol), some of their friends/relatives have already died fro
  2. For a prod, it does seem VERY short... specially when it's about Dinos lol. But i'll think creatively and it's perhaps something like: You have to somehow get on the back of the Titanosaurus and electrify it lol or You can fire a cable-like grapple from the prod that latches onto the dino with a limited range. If too far, the link (or weapon) breaks. (Tail swings will try and knock people away to break the link). It only suggest that "Narcotics" won't affect it, but narcotic uses are only one of the other ways to induce Torpor. Clubs, fists, scorpions and "frog" are no
  3. With this new item? SPOILER ALERT: FLAK ARMOR + ELECTRIC PROD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610002554
  4. Really want this in the game! I'm guessing the way this dino works is like a "damage reflector" hinted by its armored plates of bone protrusions that reflects a % of the damage taken, back to the aggressor. So a Giga is basically killing itself when trying to harm the Titanosaurus having a large amount of HP. Probably a way to kill it would be by using ballistas and rocket turrets (man-made heavy arsenal) which is rather nice. Barely anyone uses ballistas so this would be nice. Just thinking about how this would be used. Love this Titanosaur concept (and the appearance of it)!
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