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  1. GMs about as much use as chocolate teapots Have had an issue with my xp dropping since event. Every time I open a ticket, gm closes it as solved despite doing nothing. have asked in ticket for email address of someone who is able to help and they closed it without response. If anyone is able to help me in providing me with either info, or, the email address of someone who can help, i'd be very grateful
  2. And no mention of the xp bug? Admin next to useless when it comes to informing. Won't be buying new pass if not fixed
  3. i'm assuming you have same issue as me. am level 135 and xp was roughly 53m, during event it dropped to 12m. when I craft stuff my numbers moved but bar was static. soon as I levelled a chib to lvl 2, mx xp bar went empty showing 12m of 64m needed. I opened a ticked but they marked it as resolved and closed it as they are aware. No update of what they doing, if they gonna fix or not. typical WC behaviour, no raptors given
  4. And what's happening about character xp being messed up? have lost over 40million xp.
  5. I'm level 135, but my xp has dropped to 12m I've opened a ticket, they've closed it responding with looking into it. Has anyone else encountered this issue as wildcard are being their usual unhelpful selves. I can't find any info. Was looking forward to getting expansion but thought of grinding all that xp to get back where I was is kinda off putting. glad not paid for pass yet
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