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  1. Wait what?! They waited for the final blow on the corruption to take it?
  2. cce2002

    PVE Servers Crashing

    This post is meant for the PC section and not the PS4 section. Neither me and my tribe are happy with this nonsens. Provide the servers of more memory instead of having them die every 2 hours approx
  3. cce2002

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    just always when it starts, it comes out unhandy
  4. cce2002

    Why am I not getting 10x the items?

    x3 weekend was nice
  5. cce2002

    Major problems since last update.

    Guys, if you have the same problem, try it out. it won't harm your computer netiher your game.....
  6. Did it might happen you or a tribe mate per accident hit the dino? As this might be the reason at least for the Basilosauros. It did happen to me too once, but that was when I per accident hit the Basilisk because of another agro dino nearby
  7. cce2002

    Structure Decay Changes

    Still think that the changes are not suffice enough....
  8. cce2002

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Maybe also a good idea is to show people if there's a tamecap before accessing a server!
  9. cce2002

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Like Alex above says! Tribe based imprints, not only personal imprints. As a tribe, the entire tribe is responsible not just 1 player.
  10. cce2002

    Major problems since last update.

    Hey there, have you tried uninstall the Battleeye and afterwards installing it again?
  11. cce2002

    Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Well don't really think it's worth the amount they ask. In my opinion, it would be worth if WC developers would do something against the tame caps and the bugs and Glitches still on the servers. Like from the beginning, they start a new server, with allot of bugs and glitches and have their GM Admins clean up their mess, with just a few options, as a solution which makes you as a player get yourself the question why you are playing on the server if it continues to be buggy and dinos keep glitching. Most buggy server I know at the moment is Aberration. Had already contact with the GM like 6 times now. All with a solution like: this is all I can provide to you. Take it or leave it. You need to answer the following questions in order to play this game happily: 1. Does my hardware meet at least the minimal requierments, to have a bit a nice game experience 2. Do I bother the bugs that can happen 3. Do I bother the glitches (on the newer maps like Aberration) and be happy with the solution the GM's can give you (Non-imprinted dinos in return with max wild level of that dino) 4. Would I mind to grew up dinos like 2 to 16 days (real life days) and provide the first approx 8 hours of real life hours to hand-feed them, and every 8 hours to imprint them (makes them stronger) Keep in mind, when you do start playing, as an advice, do NOT start directly asking to get in tribes of people. First start to play the game, get to know the game a bit, you do can ask for example a Metal Hatchet and Axe. This will help you allot when you just start. People most of the time won't mind to give you these things. I wish you good luck and fun playing this game if you are going to buy it.
  12. cce2002

    Snail tame question.

    You don't tame snails with berries but with Cake They have a passive tame. Cake will help you out allot and will do just fine. Please keep in mind, in order to keep them alive, you'll need to continue give them cake, as they don't eat berries (unless things have changed lately, which are unknown to me). Good luck
  13. cce2002

    juvenile reaper king stuck underground HELP

    If in any case it happens again/it's still alive (don't think so) DELETE the structures around it! In case you have it ever stuck on a pillared base, destroy the ceilings (shouldn't happen with foundations) around the Reaper. Also if you have a level beneath where the reaper was on (reaper on level 1, but another sub level), then destroy also the ceilings there! The Reaper should pop back up!
  14. cce2002

    Structure Decay Changes

    Good job guys
  15. cce2002

    Best location for aberration ??

    always near water, gas vein is also to have nearby. Green zone best place to start near the easiest spawn. As it's Aberration, normal you die at least 20times when you just start