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Lost Island Creature Voting Is Now Closed

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  1. horses would be contemporary with mammoth and sabre tooth cat so they really do belong making it a favored mount might be tricky. lots of stamina and lots of speed combined with high carry weight will help
  2. good thing you didn't go with an eohippus
  3. ok so we can ride it and eat it and get pelt from it, but can we use it in the traditional welsh way?
  4. As we feared, a chinese super tribe came and wiped us tonight while everyone was asleep transfering battle dinosaurs from other servers to do it
  5. it's happened to two on our primitave server chain
  6. I think if there were some limit to how much a tribe could transfer in say a single day it might resolve this issue
  7. This is turning into a massacre We may be in trouble
  8. because of the many cliffs and changes in elevation it's very hard to navigate the SE map with a giga without enraging it. That in itself is a balance.
  9. I've allowed it on my private servers for a while now without an issue
  10. Is there a list of the things Wild Card considers exploits?
  11. Could this open us up to many new maps and biomes? Perhaps a map that's primarily undersea?
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