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  1. Going to provide a few more details. Maybe we are all on the same 4K TV? I'm using a 55" 4K Vizio. HDMI Cable Connected. 2160p.
  2. Not that I can tell. I see from peacefulservant its on the PS4 too. Turning off the High Detail option made it worse for OneX.
  3. I found a post where going into single player and running the admin code SetGraphicsQuality 3 then returning to online will fix the cross hairs. I did confirm it works but makes the game unstable and it will crash. I was not able to complete the mission before it crashes. When it crashes it reverts the Graphics Quality setting back to default resulting in offset crosshairs. Would be nice if WC would address the issue.
  4. Hello, I am having problems with the Astrodelphis saddle crosshairs. They are not centered to the shots being fired. Anyone else having this issue. I know other consoles are not, we compared screenshots. I'm using the Xbox OneX. It makes running the missions almost impossible.
  5. 1654 as well and 1542 before that. Other servers are running just fine, but a hand few are being manipulated in some way. Mission crashing, Strider Crashing or other bugs. Who really knows. After taking a weeks vacation for Gen 2 release and hardly being able to play, with 0 response to tech support tickets from multiple people, I'm at my end. We moved servers only for it to catch up last night. Tribe of 8. They won't do anything. You are just stuck like this until they release a patch for Xbox next week (PC today). Just starting over on another server that is working in the meantime. You are
  6. In other words... "Our servers can't handle the game, so you don't get a real event." Last time I schedule time off for a WC event.
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