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  1. You need 2GB+ RAM iOS device and 3GB+ RAM Android to run the game.
  2. Currently there are only multiplayer servers, because of beta testing. But there will be single player / offline game on full release.
  3. Well in that case, I've seen a YouTube video of a guy playing on iPhone 5S, but there FPS Drops and similar issues.
  4. You have to sign up for closed beta, if you're an iOS user. Launch date is not disclosed yet.
  5. I believe when you say "not officially supported but they will let you play on 2GB RAM devices" you're talking about Android, because 2GB RAM is officially supported on iOS.
  6. Have patience, they'll reply you back.
  7. Maybe create a thread and let them know the problem P.S. create a thread in "Bugs" section that's where every beta related bugs go
  8. Okay, to answer your question iOS device need 2GB of RAM to run the game while Android needs 3GB. You can run the game on mobile devices with less RAM, but you'll face FPS drops, lag and crashes, although the game is playable ?. Lastly to answer you question on why iOS needs less RAM please click here. Yeah, War Drum Studios are porting the game to mobile devices. And they're doing a great job, check out their YT channel ?
  9. No problem dude ? Maybe you can play, but you'll experience FPS drops. Only way to find it out is to wait for full release.
  10. It's not about expensive phones, it's about which phones will be able to support the game. Since this game is on PC / consoles and it's not an old game. It has some high requirement even after porting the game to mobile devices. Which can only be supported by 3GBs of RAM or by phones on a bit expensive side. I know sounds a bit unfair but I believe this is the only way. ?
  11. The game is indeed brilliant and it will be the best game on mobile devices No problem ? They're same as console / pc version checkout their YouTube channel for some of them videos.
  12. Hey, It should work on your S6. But I believe iPhone 5s is not supported.
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