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  1. Congratulations!!!! You all worked extrremely hard to make sure this even was a success, and it shows! The live stream was really fun. And a huge KUDOS to Clayton on his drawing! He is so incredibly gifted. Mr. Healing Fart Bubbles is awesome!!
  2. Did they change the ability to mindwipe every 24 hours??? I mindwiped over 30 hours ago and can't mindwipe back. Another person in our tribe has the same problem. Please tell me it's a temporary glitch and I'm not stuck at 1400 health and no weight!
  3. I can't help you with the wild stats question, but the insanely high melee is from a LOT of mutations. Each damage mutation goes up 5. So your first mutation will be 265, then 270, etc. It takes a LOT of time and effort for mutations, but that's the fun in the game for me.
  4. What help? It's a WC issue and they'll never give a solution. And by the time they get around to answering tickets, the majority of us will be retirement age. haha
  5. Only some of us are getting the error. And since the issue has been on-going for years, highly doubt they have a quick fix for it, either. RIP giga eggs....
  6. Exactly! And there is no way it's on the client side, since so many are getting it at the same time! All these years and no solution???
  7. Exact thing is happening to me now. Everything was fine, then error message popped up. Now I can't get back into the game and I have giga eggs coming soon.
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