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  1. Queen gamma with 1min left used 4 theri (nonbred) 1 yuty and 15 wyvren 20K+ 500m+, no shottys, fur armor. She was in air way to long at end so definitely need more air dps, prob why people been using shotty. Nothing died but was way close to timer for my comfort.
  2. Astrocetus doesnt hit enough to enrage your giga
  3. PLZ PLZ PLZ let us hide gloves and boots!!!! Or naked skin them
  4. Thanks for tips we stayed under bridge this time. Dinos are kicking butt, took Theri in this time. Still having trouble, any players that go to ground die in last Phase. Any advice?
  5. Ok my question watched alpha video with theri. Why is no one getting knocked off from lazer beams in part 3?
  6. Yeah they spawn way too fast when in with rexes cleared it out and just as I was about to mine BAM 10 more magmas
  7. Thats exactly how it happen I jumped off my rex
  8. Did you do these things? They have to be out of water and has to be salmon.
  9. Dont think its a dino issue we took dinos in that did a good job a nice variety. Toons though as soon as they dismounted where getting one shotted, so yeah we failed with about 7 toons. Most dinos where still alive but everyone toons were dead.
  10. ok we did it but you have to do two things 1. get it out of water - with many attempts we got them on raft 2. has to be salmon - fish basket works good here
  11. swarms eat crops take them inside - green house wont block them
  12. here new mod if you dont play official for that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2000326197
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