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  1. I went and got all the notes for this I have had 30/30 on Gen1 from way back but notes show not completed. They said they fixed this bug a long time ago but it didnt fix for a lot of people. If you new at getting them it is possible but if you got the Gen1 ones and now they arent showing youre screwed. My admins even said they would give it to me cause I have list 30/30 accomplishment but there isnt a command that they could find to award them to me. (only to award yourself if you are an admin) Also glitched for me is bosses and I am not doing Alpha rockwell for alpha Ext bosses again. I have seen some fixes for single player but not for servers. If anyone does find anything let us all know.
  2. LAME! No point in doing other map bosses, cant take stuff with you to your base.
  3. Got from loot labyrinth, ASC ,of course I want to try baboons and cant find any flak helms
  4. PLZ PLZ PLZ let us hide gloves and boots!!!! Or naked skin them
  5. um there is no Dino Light Grey - I assume its typo and just Light Grey
  6. We had purple for the one preexpact event
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