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  1. Chemayla

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    We had purple for the one preexpact event
  2. I had a abb turtle that was same color tamed from holiday - I bred it numerous times that said it passed on the correct color combo but because of the blending it never looked the same. I dont know why but for some reason its is unique - the color numbers are legit just looks diff. It was pretty much same color too. Was technically a pink/yellow/blue combo
  3. Chemayla

    Event Command

    We figured out the problem we had to old event line still on and it needed deleted.
  4. Chemayla

    Event Command

    We are not getting purple or blue dinos, we do have tek stego
  5. Chemayla

    Event Command

    Anyone know the new color event command?