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  1. Deins not spawning Raptor problem has been fixed but now we have no deins on server?
  2. Got my Zombie dodo Army - Giga kept kicking them out of fight so ended up with bunch lvls 40-290
  3. um there is no Dino Light Grey - I assume its typo and just Light Grey
  4. This isn't your typical advise for this tame but works great for me. I breed baryonx for caving so I also use them to tame squid, here is how. First of all make sure bary has decent saddle and put him on follow you (and passive). Swim down to squid on bary back and when he grabs bary feed squid then with scuba swim away quickly - preferable toward surface. Dont get so far you cna still see the Bary name plate or he won't be able to follow you. The squid will drop the bary at a point and they are fast enough to get away from the squid by "following" you after taking not much damage. Wait timer out for feed and repeat. If your bary aren't real high bring more than one. Also swimming toward the surface they will de-aggro the squid. I tamed most of my squid on Rag.
  5. Did official get the transfers with maintenance?
  6. We had purple for the one preexpact event
  7. I had a abb turtle that was same color tamed from holiday - I bred it numerous times that said it passed on the correct color combo but because of the blending it never looked the same. I dont know why but for some reason its is unique - the color numbers are legit just looks diff. It was pretty much same color too. Was technically a pink/yellow/blue combo
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