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  1. Hi everyone, My friend decided to do the diplo glitch a couple of weeks back to get the mek engram but is now worried that he can't ascend if he does the gamma fight the proper way. Is this true?
  2. Thank you. My tribemate and I tried attaching them to the wall as they can of course climb them, back idea though! Unsure of what to do next.
  3. My tribe took a big step into a new adventure. We decided to merge with two solo player tribes with the idea of one day becoming the alpha (or beta) tribe on our server! It's such an exciting thing to happen as I was getting bored but my/our experience has completely changed. We also continued our prep for a yard sale with myself mass breeding argentavis and megalania. I stayed up most of the night because those lil babies were hungry! And finally, as we spent over 1200 stacks of ingot, I decided to fill up 7 forges (thanks stryder!). Just when you think you're finished on ARK, a new
  4. Happy Wednesday Survivors! I've been doing a lot of megalania breeding recently and have found it annoying trying to get the eggs from under their stomachs. Does anyone know of a way to make the egg drop to the floor so I can just pick it up? Thanks RedDogRob
  5. A very good morning Survivors! I lost two baby Maewings last night and I am still confused about how this could have happened. I am (was) raising 10 baby Maewings and placed them by Momma Maewing who had a full inventory of meat. However, when I came back to them, the meat had spoiled BUT the Maewings were still alive. I then refilled the Maewing and went to Gen2 for a little while. When I came back to check on them, 2 of them starved but the other 8 made it to Juvenile. All Maewings were within trough range, too. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  6. Hey Survivors! I've got to the stage where I am feeling a little bored of ARK at the moment. I've been playing since the game was at Preview stage and constantly quit, build up, quit, build up and so on. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how do you combat the feeling of boredom? I absolutely love the game but I don't seem to enjoy it as much at the moment. Thanks
  7. Feeling proud today! Myself and a tribe mate ran a successful Alpha Dragon fight for people on our server. We run the fights to benefit the tribe but it is a nice feeling when you help someone else. I died after about 20 seconds because I messed up but hey, I'm taking this as big fat W!
  8. Maaaan, I am so fed up of this. I was able to get on my Gen2 server the other day and just pulled everything off it (maewings and BPs etc). I've lost so many potential playing hours over the last week by waiting to get a space.
  9. I tamed a Diplocaulus and Diplodocus for my partner as she keeps banging on about them! Also prepared for ANOTHER Alpha Dragon fight!
  10. That's fantastic, thank you Suzie.
  11. Hey Survivors! Can Maewings raise baby gigas for you? Some people have said yes whereas others have said no. I've got 4 babies that I want to raise and would much rather the Maewings look after things for me! Thanks
  12. Hey Survivors! I was just wondering which map is the best for getting some decent blueprints? Thanks!
  13. I ascended on Abberation! It was the first time I had set foot on the map, too!
  14. Hey! I'm doing Alpha Rockwell this weekend which will of course unlock the sleeping pod. What are your experiences of it? Are they any good?
  15. I went to extinction with my buddy and did a purple drop! As he forgot his chibi, I was able to max mine out and reach level 121 following my successful Alpha Overseer fight on Friday. What a weekend!
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