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  1. Playing on Official Xbox CrossArk offline raid protection. Few days ago every structure had a decay timer as usual and map was getting cleaned every now and then. Logged in yesterday and there is no more decay on the entire server cluster. It even says in the server settings "PvP decay timer disabled". Is it a bug or an intended change? Kinda crazy because the entire map is getting g trashed with crappy structures that no one uses. Can't be destroyed too because of the offline raid protection.
  2. I'm playing on an offline raid protrection server (EUCrossArk5). Close to my base there was a couple of structures that had 2 days left to decay. Yesterday when I logged in, all structures had no decay timer. I thought the person just logged in but after investigating further, it was clear that decay doesn't work anymore for any structures. In the server settings it now says PVP Structures Decay DISABLED. Is this intended? It's making the entire map a junkyard and lag like hell.
  3. no Q&A .. You guys better make it up to us by answering every single question in the topic. Even the stupid ones :p!
  4. WIll there be official servers hosting new map on xbox one? If yes, please let it be primitive hardcore (I won't stop asking for it, I'm on a journey!).
  5. Hey Jer, it better be primitive hardcore servers or else...or else, you know what! Some of us been asking for it for months now. My tribe stopped playing completely until primitive hardcore will be up
  6. With split-screen possible on Xbox one, I wonder if devs could try to up the resolution on single player mode a bit because it's really hard to see anything (atm it's below 720p I believe). 900p would be just perfect. Removing some unneeded effects could help, like the fact that you can see things (including players) reflect in real time in metal parts of structures and in dino skin (example, frog) like in a mirror but blurry. I actually noticed it just a while ago and It seems like pretty resource heavy effect that probabl 90% of people wouldn't know about.
  7. Yesss!!! Asked for grappling hook/rope many times! Finally we'll have some wild west justice, dragging them bandits!
  8. So how is the new SWAT armor? Is it even better than FLAK? I just hope they don't overpower it too much compared to other stuff. I personally think all armors should be balanced out so we can use them depending on playstyle, not just because it's superior(FLAK). Glass house is what I'm excited about the most!
  9. Gotta build a mobile elevator and feed it berries...
  10. I better start building higher walls...
  11. I'm pretty sure all introduced dinos will make it to Xbox One. We just have a bit of delay because Microsoft needs to approve every update.
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