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  1. be nice to mix it up a bit.....like out of the blue do a 3x weekend.....server caps are a thing of the past (thankyou for pods) so why not keep the 'punters' happy with sme 3x love or something special more often....small things make a big difference
  2. back up after 1n hour and a halfish
  3. Was down 8 hours yesterday......first time this year.....and gone again......both times was hit by horrid lag 5 minutes b4 crash!
  4. OC 207 recently offline Been a strange increase in overseas players hitting official OC PVE 207 island and then all of a sudden huge lag issues for 5 minutes then CRASH.....yesterday had 35 minutes down...then 8 hours..... Today back online for a bit then LAAAGGGG....Crash! been down now for over 30 minutes... Foul play? Please help, we've submitted 'server down' ticket but what's going on?
  5. 2 weeks away from anniversary! With the Anniversary only 2 weeks away and no event since 2017 what are we thinking they will do (if anything) to celebrate 4 years? June 2nd 2017 saw : "2x Harvesting Rate2x Taming Rate2x EXP Rate2x Baby Mature Speed2x Egg Hatching & Gestation Speed2x Mating Interval (LESS!)
  6. Yeah i saw it in OG post.....just a "sorry guys, typo" or anything would of been nice Not the first time an Evo event was edited out the OG post
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