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  1. I just keep any females with less than 20/20 mutations on any side......sometimes lucky to pop a male with one side less than 20/20 which i beleive goves a slightly higher chance of further mutations
  2. OC servers on and off last few days currently down
  3. Better chance with females 0/20 and 0/20 than 0/20 and 12314445/20 or no difference?
  4. 699 Genesis has had horrid ping too....unplayable really...and now that i think of it 209 has been crashing much more frequently..i put that down to dupers...maybe not?
  5. be nice to mix it up a bit.....like out of the blue do a 3x weekend.....server caps are a thing of the past (thankyou for pods) so why not keep the 'punters' happy with sme 3x love or something special more often....small things make a big difference
  6. Yeah i saw it in OG post.....just a "sorry guys, typo" or anything would of been nice Not the first time an Evo event was edited out the OG post
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