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  1. Also the Space Jam mission in the Lunar area gives pre-made asc magma saddles.
  2. I'd really like for this to be fixed. It is paid content. While we can still access the map I think a majority of people can agree that we bought it to play certain things such as the OSDs and the element veins. I'm only refreshing at this point in time since I've tamed the map specific creatures on it already. It's been a while now and it's a map separate from Genesis. Since this is a paid map can we actually get a fix or some sort of eta on this?
  3. slapdashgamer

    Bog swarms

    I had to build a 1 block barrier on my building (top, sides, and anything not a foundation). They still kinda get in on certain edges but they don't murder me or the tames anymore. It's been a few days of success. Still a chance they'll get in but it's working so far. Also adding behemoth gates around the the base slow them down (some still manage to get up and over). I do agree there needs to be something done about them. I'm think at the very least there needs to be a reduction in spawns. I literally kill 20ish swarms each time and then get a few mins of peace to only get swarmed again.
  4. I have had this happen. Also had a wild get tranqed out in one and couldn't access it. This glitch sucks lol
  5. The button was removed but doing it the older way. Options > L1+R1+Triangle+square brings up an admin prompt > type in "cheat gcm"
  6. It's sooooo many blocks. I thought about that but Jesus I can't even really see my base to go make the soap.
  7. painted Tek and structures give me headaches This update messed up my aberation server. I cannot use or go near any structures that are painted. It emits a white blinding light and then goes into this pitch black mode. Already died a few times because I couldn't see anything...
  8. I see some friends playing so I reset my router and the ps4. No luck with that.
  9. Saw a suggestion on facebook - Only applies to players who had their character duplicated when transferring. They left the duped one uploaded and so the original was stuck on the server. If you had a duped character and left it uploaded you need to ditch it on another server in order to use ark for uploading transferring your original character. Not sure if this is your issue. You also can contact support directly i think to get the character removed/merged.
  10. No but my issue resolved itself in the morning. Not sure how or why.
  11. I'm having transfer issues as well on over official from an abb server to extinction. I can select the server, click join, but nothing happens restarted the game. I can create a new character on the server I'm trying to go to but I can't transfer in.
  12. Character Level 134 Mindwiped to 131 As the title states I used a mindwipe on my character and it reset to level 131 and not 134 where it originally was. This is official servers PVE.
  13. In the future every 3 days has worked for me if you leave tames out. That way if there server happens to reset/crash right after you check-in then you are still on every 6th day. I believe tames expire on the 7th day. It'd be awful luck if this happened twice in a row, but so far this has worked for me. My tribemate and I have lost 2 bases on 2 separate occasions to this exact problem. It's very annoying but the 3 day rule has worked since. If you need a longer time then I suggest making sure your foundations are at least metal, cryofridges are placed on the ground, all important dinos p
  14. Were you sleeping in a bed before this? There's a bug that's been around for a while with sleeping in beds. If you logout in a bed, login, and you are standing (not laying) in the bed then you will be glitched. The only fix is to keep logging in until you're able to access an inventory. Since you're on an unofficial you can see about someone destroying your bed.
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