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  1. slapdashgamer

    Petition to Fix Giga breeding please

    24 hours instead of 28. I think thats fair even for the intention if tribe raise.
  2. I feel that many people progress structurally and end up with massive bases. Hugeeee 50000000000 srructure limit bases and lag to high heavens. I propose allowing larger structures for example Large Wall = 2x2 wall Large Foundation = 2x2 foundation Behemoth Hatch frames = 2x2 giant hatch frame Tek giant hatchframe = Idk why its not a think... List goes on. I understand these items are not feasible on certain terrain but we adapt like we do with any other structure. I understand structual limits on tames/rafts and I think large structures shouldnt be allowed on platforms or cost the same as 4x the small structure. I want this because I do enjoy visiting neighboring tribes to view their bases but soooo much lag scares me. Less to load please! Also might add nice asthetics?
  3. slapdashgamer

    video Struggling with pillar spam to support your base?

    Should put the url on a billboard around the noob spawns lmao
  4. slapdashgamer

    screenshot Family Photo

    Decided to take a photo of the months of hard work we put into getting an array of colors for all our dinos. We are proud of this and there's alot we just couldnot fit in. We are on PS4 PvE Official servers
  5. slapdashgamer

    video Struggling with pillar spam to support your base?

    This needs to be shared more. Hate going by bases with 5000 pillars underneath it.
  6. I would love that but I assume the trade off in meat on a mammoth ia due to fur and keratin. Brontos do provide hide and trophies... so there's that too. Either way anything more than what it is now is an improvement imo. Really want this to change.
  7. My tribe and I live in the snow on the island. We believe that mamoths are 90% wool and keratin and 10% meat. This is what we picture a mammoth would look like if we wet its fur. Most of the snow wilds do not provide a lot of meat. We eat rare flowers to bring argys down to eat and we love when it is a chalico day. Other than that we laugh at the quantity of meat available from a mamoth. I am not asking for bronto level meat but it should provide far more than it currently does.
  8. slapdashgamer

    Base designs

    Pvp or pve sorta of designs. As for pvp base designs its really all about being annoying and forcing attackers to use a lot of resource and time. So think of layered walls and every station its own room. PvE for me I have a behemoth building. Setup was pretty quick and loading it never blue screens me. Roof is entirely hatch frames and it looks good from below. Its no pve pretty kingdom but I am obsessed with breeding andquick access of items. I will likely be posting videos and pics around here.
  9. slapdashgamer


    Yeah when I quit pvp I had been up for almost 32 hours constantly dealing with raids on multiple servers. Just remind yourself its a game. I prefer pve now. Have this thing where I want to 150 kibble tame everything or tame the highest I can of everything.
  10. slapdashgamer


    I have been playing Ark on PS4 since the first week it was out. Started out on official pvp. After about a year of dealing with raiding or being raided I decided to quit Ark. Swore to my friends I could never touch ark again due it needing more attention than anyone I know in real life... I was invited back but to PvE and I enjoy breeding and grinding out towards any fun challenge like doing alpha bosses etc. I am mostly here to get more involved in trading because trading in game is very dull. I will likely lurk around the rest of the community.