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  1. Saw a suggestion on facebook - Only applies to players who had their character duplicated when transferring. They left the duped one uploaded and so the original was stuck on the server. If you had a duped character and left it uploaded you need to ditch it on another server in order to use ark for uploading transferring your original character. Not sure if this is your issue. You also can contact support directly i think to get the character removed/merged.
  2. No but my issue resolved itself in the morning. Not sure how or why.
  3. I'm having transfer issues as well on over official from an abb server to extinction. I can select the server, click join, but nothing happens restarted the game. I can create a new character on the server I'm trying to go to but I can't transfer in.
  4. Character Level 134 Mindwiped to 131 As the title states I used a mindwipe on my character and it reset to level 131 and not 134 where it originally was. This is official servers PVE.
  5. In the future every 3 days has worked for me if you leave tames out. That way if there server happens to reset/crash right after you check-in then you are still on every 6th day. I believe tames expire on the 7th day. It'd be awful luck if this happened twice in a row, but so far this has worked for me. My tribemate and I have lost 2 bases on 2 separate occasions to this exact problem. It's very annoying but the 3 day rule has worked since. If you need a longer time then I suggest making sure your foundations are at least metal, cryofridges are placed on the ground, all important dinos podded up, and all important stuff is in tek storage or vaults. Try to also pillar your base with metal pillars or tek pillars so that if your foundations decay (assuming you don't upgrade to metal), you can get back to your stuff (It prevents people from boxing in your storage).
  6. Were you sleeping in a bed before this? There's a bug that's been around for a while with sleeping in beds. If you logout in a bed, login, and you are standing (not laying) in the bed then you will be glitched. The only fix is to keep logging in until you're able to access an inventory. Since you're on an unofficial you can see about someone destroying your bed.
  7. Bluescreen/Crash when demolishing Giant Hatch Door or Frame I've only tested this in singleplayer. No idea if it affects officials yet. To replicate try to demolish a giant hatchframe or hatch. I am specifically using metal at the moment. Crashes every time just like the dino gate crash
  8. Just adding to the pile like this is a petition or something lol Have issues logging in on multiple servers. Especially love the login locks after successfully signing in for about 2 minutes for disconnecting for random reasons (like teleporting).
  9. Do you have oviraptors? Also they will lay naturally but rendering in and out of the base may get your more eggs. There's some more detailed info out there.
  10. During the weather events I stay inside my base and craft or raise my tames, so I hardly notice the time go by. Also sandstorms aren't so bad for me? My wyverns have good stam and I usually carry goggles with me (I rock full hazard otherwise) or I'll just sit in the dunes and wait for a DW. Outside of Survival I kind of feel like Ark is a time management game lol. The only true annoying event for me now is the electrical storms. They're dated and pointless to me now. I know they used to be a real pita for pvp when I was playing (legacy days). Also a good time to take some irl bathroom breaks or food breaks lol! The worst weather event for me is honestly the island rain... I mean I'm glad rain has evolved (lol) because I can't see my own character on that map when that happens. I do agree about transferring element but I can see where this could be abused in PvP. Maybe that's why it's not a thing yet? I say that but then there are a ton of things done in updates without any real consideration of either... It's kinda of a 50/50 chance on who it screws lol.
  11. I agree with your on 2 and 3. Have an issue with #1 a bit - but I agree that everyone is human. I've done development, community management, and customer service irl before. Currently work in development but I do help customer service when my attention is required - I also provide information to customer service to better help them do their jobs (which in turn helps me do my job when they provide feedback/issues from customers). It was the job to know the product. I understand that maybe their support may be outsourced? That would make sense with lack of knowledge or care for the game. If the customer service is an in house position I expected them to understand basic mechanics and ideas. I expect the people who created the game and conditions to foresee possible outcomes and I expect management to raise the bar or set goals each year. I am human and I work for very chill companies but I'm still held to a standard to understand my product(s). The type of support we receive I expect that everyone is outsourced and has no legitimate interest in the game from beginning to end. But if you're working in the studio on a game that will likely be re-skinned (Atlas basically Ark 2.0) then maybe there should be more consideration in this part. That or drop support for official servers entirely? Let unofficials take over. It'd be cheaper I'm sure and they'd have less of a headache. Playerbase basically moderates and fixes their own issues. Single player environments would be the main concern.
  12. I've got a decent server and allies to chat with. Before extinction came out I believe SE was arguably one of the easiest maps to farm element on. I've got 100s of talons and artifacts and the fights are 5-10 mins each if there isn't anything glitchy going on. This was the top reason I remained on SE for pve. Why am I still on it? I absolutely hate the scar on Ragnarok and Vualgero. I think the scar on Scorched is done right - I mean why not? It's the map where the scar is first used. But the amount of land available to build traps on is excellent. It's almost too large for any single asshat to maintain and pillar to hell for more than 2 weeks. I also find parts of scorched very pretty. It's not for everyone. I thoroughly enjoy the set of people who remain as they've got the same attitude towards survival as me. I didn't play this game to go easy street day and day out. Scorched still challenges me from time to time due to its weather cycle. It's frustrating but this is a survival game. If I'm not playing against players I'm playing versus the environment. Other maps you build up and you're comfy in your base all day. Very little to worry about when you fly around. I still get jump scares with deathworms in the dunes and I love it lol. I have a tribemate who hates it. He can't stand sandstorms or drinking water every 5 minutes, but I don't mind for the reason stated above. SE has a special place in my heart but if Extinction weren't such an ugly and boring map I'd likely just dump SE for extinction. As you stated before I can obtain wyverns from Rag, so there's really no need for me to keep SE anymore (with my Extinction base fully function now). If you do not have an extinction base or do not wish to purchase that DLC but own SE, then do make a base there for at least farming the boss for element. Its 3 artifacts and almost no time grinding out 20 of each talon - even solo. I understand that the monkey on the island is easy too but bleh too many artifacts to bother with. Artifact gather isn't challenging or interesting to me at all. I always enjoy the first experience in a cave, but it's rather boring after the 100th time. Why is it like that for caves and not SE for me? I'm really not sure lol! It just is. I feel like Scorched was the last well thought out paid map and it still had its kinks.
  13. Yup all you have to do is make a small base in a claimed area or probably not even that and attempt to place a tek gen or expand. Can't place anything because of pillar spam? Report it and get a few friends to do it too. Within a week the pillars will likely all be gone now. Now you and your pals can take that land and do the exact same thing. It's already been a conversation point on most of the servers I am on. Hopefully there are some new requirements to take action as opposed to what seems like quantity of reports.
  14. You died over water so flyers will glide randomly to different areas of land. I do believe they should be landing at the nearest points but I know that is not true from personal experience. Try searching the entire coast. There are a few instances where I have found them against the map wall hovering over the water too.
  15. I've had this happen before on scorched earth but I believe it's because there was another tribe doing the boss fight at another ob. I didn't know and so I think it tried to go and just canceled out and destroyed my group.
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