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  1. Asgard Re-Awakens[wiped 7-17]Hx4/Tx4/XPx3 The Legacy of "Asgard Awakens" is now officially returning! With a new optimized server, tried and tested settings and state of the art software "Asgard Re-Awakens" is now developed to truly bring you one of the best possible experiences you can ever have in ARK Survival Evolved. What maps will Asgard Re-Awakens be featuring? Asgard Re-Awakens will maintain a large cluster of maps featuring the crowd favorites Ragnarok, The Island, Crystal Isles, Valguero, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis! Server links: steam://connect/68.101.7
  2. New Mod Issue - Constant Crash Upon Loading OK so; I'm trying to create a re-balanced version of the Giga. I've followed nearly every tutorial out there as this is my first mod from the devkit. I've; Copied the Primalgamedata from the Generic mod same with the map etc Copied the files to be edited from the default giga directory THEN edited them replaced all references to the default giga with my edited versions(skel, mesh, bp for rage, roar etc) Checked all scrips 3 times for any errors... Added the engram entry to Additional Engram Entries in the mods primal, l
  3. [PC] [PvEvP] Asgard Awakens(15x S+,HG,Shop,Kits & MORE! Greetings survivor, I know you are probably busy so I wont waste much of your time; are you an unofficial player looking for an amazing community to enjoy the game with without worrying about looking over your shoulder every 5 seconds? Asgard is the place for you! PvEvP means we are primary PvE for 2 weeks, then that weekend we switch to PvP so everyone can duke it out! However, we have Tribe War enabled so you can fight whenever you want in a controlled war. Admins are not toxic or abusive, I myself have a year and a half of
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