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  1. Fear evolved is by far my favorite event that happened in this game. Getting whole server together to fight dodorex and dodowyven was so cool back in the day. Winter event was nice as well. Calm music,gifts everyone liked , hell we even managed to gather 300 coal to summon temporary tamed dodorex. The memories that are nice to look back to. Thanks to these fun days of ark I met nice people that I remember today. Nowadays its just... Oh well it's Halloween 3x taming and 2x breeding ,wild dinos can be orange that's ok I guess. The boosted rates and event color dinos are boring, what's the purpose of that. We lack unique content
  2. Same problem here. Can't log on. Seems to have went down 9 hours ago
  3. I'd say 19 rexes and 1 yuty for broodmother ,megapitecus and manticore. 19 therizinos and 1 yuty for dragon with cakes in theriz's inventory.Also note that therizinos should not be over 21k hp since that is the cap where cake heals the best and they wouldn't heal more if they had over 21k they'd just get more damage from flaming breath since it takes % of hp. I managed to solo apha bosses on official servers with these dinos. But don't be fooled dragon is very very hard to pull off you might want to have friends close. And I do recommend you bring stronger dinos to arena with high armor saddles. you can't really defeat higher difficulty bosses with 150lvl tames. 40k hp 800 melee rexes with 90 armor saddles 21k hp 1000 melee therizinos with 120 armor saddles a yuty with 2kish stam and every other lvl up avaliable used into into it's hp with a best saddle you can find (doesnt really matter if you can avoid being hit) is what I used for alpha difficulties. Also if you're looking a scale of difficulty for bosses I'd say it's : Megapitecus<Manticore<Broodmother<Dragon
  4. The whole kibble rework thing makes me so happy. We won't ever again need to have 300 dinos whose only use is laying eggs.It makes ARK feel less like a "job" really. to keep all that alive.Super looking forward into this! Thank you for making good decisions!
  5. Explaining how exactly mutations work and how to get them faster is tricky.Firstly it happens randomly and later on you can kind of manipulate with the system.I'd recommend you watching a video I saw when I was trying to learn how it all works. everything is explained here but be careful because you might get lost a few times watching this for a first time Also.Keep a note that you can have only 20 mutations per parent and that color ones don't take a spot even though it counts as mutation. that way you might exceed the 20 limit. And you can reset the mutation bar with some breeding. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Yeah I know getting out of aberration can be tricky.Try going on singleplayer and finding a cave drop that is next to a spawn point (basically a supply crate that looks like a cave one anywhere on the inside part of aberration).You can check spawn locations on this link https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Map_(Aberration) .Just untick everything except the thing called "Cave loot crate" . Good luck!
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