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  1. Talk about hard working going poof I raised 500 dinos to defend the cave I PVE'd in for 3 months and now when my server will get capped soon I won't have my 128. And because of the Fake Out with Wildcard saying they fixed upload I; I uploaded another Char with bosses to get my 128 which went poof as well. Imagine that thinking Wildcard FIXED IT ALL. Only to realize they actually just F************ you twice as hard. Wildcard are some of the worst devs ever.
  2. Wildcard is Such Jokes supposed to be SIX CHARS IN THERE. Maybe you could made a warning that Transfers works but Uploads don't? Like Jesus Tap Dancing Christ at this point.
  3. Nice Event which I couldn't play because my Chars are invisible in Upload. You guys seriously couldn't even reset servers once since that patch? Wow. Why aren't you resetting servers once a day? It is obvious the game runs better afterwards.
  4. I can tell you guys with 99% certainty that your Chars are not deleted and will actually show up in cloud once this auto restore thing actually works. I saw five characters in upload and like a moron upload my char from main server which glitched it out again. But I had 5 Chars in upload not a single one deleted permanently. Don't upload keep chars on servers and move them around.
  5. I did Noterun to lvl 70 yesterday and uploaded to test. It got deleted. Wildcard are morons. For example on MTS an unofficial server with probably like a dozen people running it. I never lost a Character. It was like impossible on that Server. And when it opened every server would be 70/70 usually. And it would often lag like hell. So somehow they figured it out no problem. Didn't even consider running a server where lost chars were a thing. Imagine if people who actually Played PVP were Wildcard Admins. Then you would see it run like MTS cause THEY KINDA GET IT. They understand then when playing Official 1x you could getting capped at any second. And you need that 130 to defend to the best of your ability. Or the fact they got rid of XP Parties. So now I can't just kill 6 baby gigas and get lvl 100 again. Or the fact they added Tek Binocs unlockable by Alpha Tek Cave only. Sweet now I gotta either Cheese it (not too hard but still) or get like 15-20 people to run it to even be able to breed properly and efficiently. These people literally never truly played their own game.
  6. You guys seriously gonna do NOTHING ABOUT Lost Characters?
  7. They have given us no choice in Official PVP. Gotta figure out how to Dupe you char or else raiding, scouting, griefing etc... is gonna be screwed. Someone else mentioned trading also. Literally everything which makes PVP...PVP is F'D because Char loss is so bad. I'm pissed I did their Assassin Creed Noterun for 10 Lvls and just gone. That was annoying to get the last couple. Bosses and Ascension not so bad. But I am triggered as hell trying to breed right now without Tek Binocs. Thanks for Nerfing me Wildcard. God damn you guys suck.
  8. WHY THE HELL is this thread tagged as "NOOB" are the Mods and Devs here actually Joking. I have more hours then any of the Devs in this game. More then any Mod I would put money down. The fact they call this a Noob thread. Wildcard, their Admins and Mods are some of the biggest Jokes in the history of gaming. You guys now alongside EA and Blizzard in the Hall Of Game POS Video Game Companies. I bet EA and Blizzard would probably do more about Lost Characters though. So honestly Wildcard worse then them at this point. Connected to Snail Games. Yeah FAR WORSE. At least the American Publishers run by people who actually believe in Morality and Ethics.
  9. Here is the thing I TESTED Transfers with a lvl 70 about 6-8 times. So this led me to believe they actually rolled out something which doesn't crash nor delete your characters. It was only ONCE I started trying to upload more then one Char did everything delete. So it is beyond moronic. Even experienced players might think everything is all good to just have it all deleted. I wouldn't be surprised if 10-20% of PVP Players lost their Chars. Transfers Opened...Not even being griefed cause people to scared to transfer.
  10. BTW Between ASA AND ASE this is my 8th to 9th Character Lost. Wildcard should just make me a god damn mod at this point. Well actually if I am counting ALL ASA characters lost. It is now about 12-13 Lvl 50+ characters lost in this game. I have probably lost at least FIVE CHARS with all Island bosses and Ascension. Guess what WIldcard gave me once... a 105 Char with No bosses because I HAD NO EVIDENCE. I was supposed to know they can't program? Thanks for the Micky Mouse Costume totally fixed me being Livid about thousands of hours of my life wasted. 25K Plus hour Fav Game of All Time. This is how they treat their most HardCore Players.
  11. Hilarious Cherry Picked Stat there. All the WIldcard Devs and anyone here has to do is look at Current Players on Steam. You had 5k player bump as transfer opens and then as people start losing their chars you it goes BACK DOWN ot PRE TRANSFERS levels. Hilarious honestly. Wildcard programming is so BAD they can't even get more players AFTER TRANSFER because those people literally don't have characters anymore. Honestly what a Joke. WIldcard should warn people they don't care about PVP so I can get my money back or something. Great Game Concept can't believe I wasted hundreds hours AGAIN ON THIS GAME. 130 Char Full Note All Bosses.
  12. This game is so dead. Hundreds of people lost their chars and you guys literally won't do anything about it.
  13. Imprinted Dinos is 100% relevant to losing your character. I can level up a new character and get added to my tribe no problem. All my imprinted dinos which took weeks of time are now useless. What are you even talking about invincibleqc?
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