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  1. Alright, so for the first time i'm playing without playing primitive. i thought i would always do alright in this game. i started over at the island but keep running into Alpha raptors responding in a certain 2 areas in the easy part of the map. i full understand that they are alpha, bigger, badder, faster, etc. it started with an alpha raptor level 7. it killed me multiple times while doing simple things like trying to retrieve a bag, it's killed many of my tames. here's he glitch, i haven't been able to kill one, nor knock it (if you can). after it kills me, or anything for that matter, it takes at least 1/2 a game day for it to stop attacking the carcass. i can sit back and launch arrows at it, and it never gets phased. i literally had to attack it from a boat, drag it all the way out to the border in there ocean, and leave it there. now, i have a level 34 alpha, and don't know where it came from, bit it of course, killed me and my tame, but i can't go back because it's still trying to kill my body. very frustrating. A), can narcotic arrows not hurt an alpha raptor? b), is harvesting a body for a half a game day normal for alpha? Thanks.
  2. why is Primitive Plus such an outcast? i love primitive plus, i've never played anything other than, however, it seems it's such a burden. i had to quit playing aberration once it came out because i found out the two didn't co-exist very well. now, i was excited for the Arkaeology event, however, i've since learned, this doesn't work with Primitive plus either. is there a reason why when you make the game updates, it can't be applied to PP? i'm not a genius, so maybe there are some logical reasons. Please update me.
  3. this is a bummer. i stopped playing Aberration because Primitive plus didn't work with it. this is a bummer. i have the tex rex in P Plus, so why wouldn't this exist also? doesn't make sense. Thanks for the update Zadira.
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