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  1. Promiseheart

    Alpha raptor bug?

    Alright, so for the first time i'm playing without playing primitive. i thought i would always do alright in this game. i started over at the island but keep running into Alpha raptors responding in a certain 2 areas in the easy part of the map. i full understand that they are alpha, bigger, badder, faster, etc. it started with an alpha raptor level 7. it killed me multiple times while doing simple things like trying to retrieve a bag, it's killed many of my tames. here's he glitch, i haven't been able to kill one, nor knock it (if you can). after it kills me, or anything for that matter, it takes at least 1/2 a game day for it to stop attacking the carcass. i can sit back and launch arrows at it, and it never gets phased. i literally had to attack it from a boat, drag it all the way out to the border in there ocean, and leave it there. now, i have a level 34 alpha, and don't know where it came from, bit it of course, killed me and my tame, but i can't go back because it's still trying to kill my body. very frustrating. A), can narcotic arrows not hurt an alpha raptor? b), is harvesting a body for a half a game day normal for alpha? Thanks.
  2. Promiseheart

    primitive plus

    why is Primitive Plus such an outcast? i love primitive plus, i've never played anything other than, however, it seems it's such a burden. i had to quit playing aberration once it came out because i found out the two didn't co-exist very well. now, i was excited for the Arkaeology event, however, i've since learned, this doesn't work with Primitive plus either. is there a reason why when you make the game updates, it can't be applied to PP? i'm not a genius, so maybe there are some logical reasons. Please update me.
  3. Promiseheart

    ARKaeology Event is NOT on Primitive Plus

    this is a bummer. i stopped playing Aberration because Primitive plus didn't work with it. this is a bummer. i have the tex rex in P Plus, so why wouldn't this exist also? doesn't make sense. Thanks for the update Zadira.
  4. Promiseheart

    Giga taming

    i found 3 of them on rag, now was on north shore near a "dock" approx just east of the middle if i may. one was near the green and one was near the red. all three of them, were stuck in cliffs or on large rocks. so i would fly near those areas....
  5. Promiseheart

    Sabertooth not laying non-fertalized eggs

    Thank you MrWayne, i never even realized how the Groups affected certain things. Makes a lot of sense now.
  6. I am playing Primitive Plus, Ragnorak Map on my PS4. I have tried looking in many places for an answer, but i can't find anything definite. Do Sabertooths lay non-fertalized Eggs? i have had a female for many of game day's now, and have included a male for the love affect, but she is the only animal not producing non-fertalized eggs. Thanks for any information anyone has.
  7. i am playing Primitive Plus, Ragnorak Map on my PS4. I decided to set up a couple fish traps to have fresh fish for my "penguins" (don't have their name in front of me); and to make the bait, i need fresh poultry. i have literally killed like 25 Dodo birds, and using several options, I've tried with a machete, i've tried with a Iron Pick axe, i've used a spear, i've used a Pteranodon, argy and a Therizino, and to no avail... i have received Fresh Poultry before, but i think i've only got them from killing an Argy with My Argy? Anyone else have any troubles?
  8. Promiseheart

    flyers stuck in air after kill

    Ok, Thanks. i will try these if it happens again.
  9. i am playing on PS4, Primitive Plus, and Ragnorak Map. (solo) this is the third time this has happened, where if i jump off my flyer ,Pteronadon or Argy, and another flyer comes and attacks while i'm off. They tend to fly straight up while fighting, and when my flyer defeats the enemy, it gets stuck. it will no longer listen to commands. i have to build a foundation, then walls and ladders all the way up to the flyer until i can "ride it". there has been no other way to retrieve the bird. On this occasion, i had another flyer, so i flew up to the Argy, but it still will not follow. i even attempted aggro another flyer and brought it close. the argy helped in defeating it, but once defeated, it stuck itself again. am i doing something wrong? is there a fix? or am i building another wall, this one will need to be 75 walls high at least? frustrated.