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  2. why is the moderator not doing his volunteering? all the racial posts DO NOT BELONG IN HERE and also has been no talk of event lol is it being delayed again with another sorry excuse
  3. they are never on time and to use a pandemic as an excuse is below the level of low i already knew it wouldnt release when there was no crunch on monday stating they are getting ready or anything THUMBS DOWN
  4. item and char transfers are broken what is goin on now with uploading stop breaking the game people loosing chars atm xfering and items cant upload or download i see the post for pvp but i am on pve
  5. i see nothing positive here about event all about crashes lol and that the way it should be when we get all these crashes wc fix your eggs
  6. ya alot of servers are just non stop crashing and i see they will not do anything about this not even let anyone know servers goin down over 12 and 24 hours also merging posts to hide all the failure
  7. some times juss made post to bring awareness to the crashes also to get a visual on how many servers have the issue i see its alot but crashes and lag is ok but 12 hour to 24 hour downtime is not i am in many discords so i get alot of ear and alot of posts get takin down or moved so people dont see what really going on
  8. if you dont know that wc sucks yet you are blind
  9. if so an update on that would be nice but most should be working from home if they can post updates on events they can do so for their problems too downtime for 12 to 24 hours is bad and also its a pretty big prob atm lots of servers doin it but they dont even care
  10. why are we not being told what is going on with servers we have gotten 0 feedback on the crashing servers some going down for over a day seems for some to be going down around the same times of day and night atleast give us an update
  11. Island servers crashing not being fixxed thru events alot of people on island servers crashing i am reading on forums why is this not being fixxed should not have servers goin down for hours during events last event my server was robbed for over 40 hours of event hopefully this is not round two
  12. is there a new guy adding everyones post to one post or what
  13. was your server down for about half the event server island 46 has been down for half the event which defeats the purpose of the event post your server if you have had this problem so we can bring attention to this. easter is coming and we dont want this to happen then also
  14. island 46 crashing all day long every 5 to 30 mins and long downtime anyone elses servers crashing like this has been long down times up to almost 12 hours and unplayable just about
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