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  1. i am on official and i got almost all of them from gachas feeding one at a time i am missing 4 chibis only
  2. Only one mistletoe or coal is required to yield a crystal. GachaClaus will eat as many as 10 if placed in its inventory, yielding no better quality of loot. thats from wiki i gotten both shapeshifters drake golem sabretooth and mostly all of the chibis from the gachas i have all of em but 5
  3. Unstable servers servers been kinda on down side today
  4. thats how you patch a hole of doo doo with doo doo = login lock
  5. REMOVE LOGIN LOCK GZZZ REALLY a bad addition too game
  6. LOGIN LOCK? What is goin on here now cant login on some servers says login lock try again later yet i see the numbers rising of people logging in the server
  7. yes i am getting it too now never even seen before way to go wc always jakkin up the darn game
  8. all fixed now 4 hours after so its watever they might let go couple xtra hours like usual anyway
  9. Event is broke please extend and readjust timers for event been 4 hours cant pla been 4 hours cant play servers goin down and roll backs please make this right ark right thing is to adjust time on event
  10. Ya they are lagging on it at least give us an update
  11. i take that back lol visited 6 maps only one had few gachas
  12. i tested on other servers seems to have alot of gachas juss not 442 but i been in the forest alot nobody in there taming em on 442 if ya want gachas on 442 xfer take from another server
  13. ive only tamed about 600 of em so i know how many spawn and where the spawns are wild card why would yall do that lol EXPOSED
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