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  1. i killed an alpha raptor with a lvl 40 pteranodon. just hit it from above, it can’t hit back if you do it right
  2. i am entirely prepared to KO it. i just can’t find one after 10+ hours of searching
  3. i’ve taken all the advice here and i still cant find one? any more advice?
  4. I doubt dlcs will come out for mobile. I just don’t think mobile devices can handle them
  5. they fixed narcotics. too many people abused them so they nerfed their xp gain shortly after the game was released
  6. i dont know of one. just keep relogging until it works. that’s what i did
  7. i’ve found that logging of in/near caves causes crashes
  8. a white screen is normal when logging on to singleplayer. crashes are not. have you tried restarting the app
  9. he is wrong. bosses aren’t in mobile yet due to hardware limitations. they probably won’t ever be added as mobile devices just can’t handle them
  10. those dino’s are spread out all across the server tho. in single player people tend to keep their tames together
  11. the tame limit per player on official servers is 12 not 40
  12. today on mobile pvp i logged on to find asian hackers killed all our tames and destroyed our auto turrets but didn’t take anything else. i upgraded some more of our stone walls to metal then had to go to school
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