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  1. I live in hidden lake. I pass by this area every day and I never see them there
  2. What data does the tidy save button clear? Can a dev pls tell me what data is cleared by the tidy save button? I want to use it but i’m afraid of losing some data
  3. How do I find an alpha rex? I recently started playing this game again after I heard about 2.0 but now i’m only playing singleplayer. I want to do the trophy room pursuit but I have no clue how to find an alpha rex. I spent several hours today searching the entire map but I found none. Does anyone have any advice? I’m hoping to finish this pursuit and reach lvl 100 by the end of tomorrow so i’m ready for 2.0.
  4. maybe you should ask on the ps4 forum not the mobile forum
  5. there’s loot crates in pvx. it could be useful there
  6. i have sailed and dived in deep ocean many times. i have yet to see a leeds
  7. i killed an alpha raptor with a lvl 40 pteranodon. just hit it from above, it can’t hit back if you do it right
  8. from my programming knowledge that means it went out of the map
  9. are you sure ur dino’s aren’t starving to death
  10. I know about the underwater resource caves. i was talking about the artefact caves
  11. i don’t know if the underwater caves are in mobile but if they aren’t in the game there are no more
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