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  1. spiderjockey4321

    Own dedicated ARK mobile server?

    it isn’t. nitrado is the only way if your playing on mobile
  2. spiderjockey4321

    Multiplayer Server Transfer

    this isn’t a feature on mobile yet. it’s mentioned in the dev roadmap but it isn’t in the game yet
  3. spiderjockey4321

    Private Server Tame Limit

    Me and my friends are planning to start a private server in a few days. It’s going to be pvp with solo tribes. The only thing i’m worried about is the tame limit. It will be horrible if we are each only allowed 12 tames. Is there any way to increase this limit apart from tribes?
  4. spiderjockey4321

    HELP ME!

  5. spiderjockey4321

    Chinese Dino Dropping

    they are doing the same thing across all pvx/pve servers. send proof to the devs and they might be banned but it’s hard to stop them
  6. spiderjockey4321

    What is wrong with my lystrosaurus?

    is it male?
  7. spiderjockey4321

    HELP ME!

    same here
  8. spiderjockey4321

    Character decay question

  9. spiderjockey4321

    Private Servers? Limits?

    in the roadmap they said private servers will cost money
  10. spiderjockey4321

    Is brutal playable without god console?

    what is the xp multiplier in brutal
  11. spiderjockey4321

    Character decay question

    I know for a fact characters do have decay. i just don’t know how it works. my tribe will take care of the dino’s and structures so those are ok
  12. spiderjockey4321

    Character decay question

    could someone pls answer i really need to know
  13. spiderjockey4321

    Single player rates

    It depends on the bait and location. it usually doesn’t take too long
  14. spiderjockey4321

    Too few tamable dinos

    this is mobile. in mobile this is true
  15. spiderjockey4321

    Character decay question

    At the end of this week i’m going on a weeklong holiday. Will my character decay? What happens when my character decays? Do I lose my levels? I’m talking about multiplayer btw